How To Fix The YouTube Black Screen Error

How To Fix The YouTube Black Screen Error

Why does YouTube go black? When I try to play a video on YouTube. It says that the video is not found on this website. The file you are trying to view is not found on this server. How do I fix YouTube black screen errors? I’ll explain in this article.

Make sure you’re viewing a valid IP address. And type the IP address into the port field on YouTube”. These are the basic instructions for what’s going on. But sometimes your computer problems make it so the website says these things even if you have a working web browser.

Reason for why YouTube go black screen

The first and most common reason why YouTube goes black screen errors is your computer. If your computer has enough memory to run the programs the website uses, then the reason why the video is not viewable is either because you don’t have enough memory or your computer is overheating. One way to solve these common problems is to increase the size of your RAM. Another solution is to run a Windows registry cleaner program on your computer.

Other reasons why you’re seeing the “Why Does YouTube Go Black Screen?” message download youtube go for windows 7 in the YouTube video area could be a problem with your graphics card, hard drive, internet connection, or windows movie maker.

First, if you’re seeing the” unloaded Java exception” message, the hardware that allows you to watch YouTube properly is damaged or destroyed. To repair this problem, you need to open up your computer’s BIOS. The BIOS is normally where you set the default settings for your computer so that it will perform best.

Your next option is to check to see if your internet connection is causing the issue. If you have an internet service provider that is going through problems, then you need to call them and ask for the name of someone who can set it right.

If you’re unable to resolve your problem with your internet service provider, then the next step you should take is to find out what type of modem, cable, router, or internal components your computer has.

This is important because if your computer’s internal components are not working properly, then the reason why you’re seeing the” WHY DO THEY GO BLUE/Black” message in the YouTube videos might be because there are problems with your internal parts.

You should check to see if you have an internal scanner because this can help you check to see what’s wrong with your computer.

Check if the connection turn on or not

If you’ve checked everything else and the “YouTube Go is black screen” error still exists, you might want to check if the connection is on. If you have an Internet service provider going through trouble, you should check your modem, cables, router, or other components to see if they are causing the error message.

If you’re consistently getting the same problem like “black screen error YouTube, the last thing you should do is try to repair your computer’s hardware. This might void any warranty that you have left on your computer.

  1. If none of those methods help you solve the problem with the “Why Does YouTube Go Black Screen?”
  2. Then the last resort you should take is to download and run a program
  3. It calls a “registry cleaner” to fix the error.
  4. This will scan through your computer and fix any of the damaged files.
  5. That is causing the error message to appear on your screen.
  6. This will cause the “Why Does YouTube Go Black Screen?” video file to become playable again.

When you have successfully fixed the problems on your system and the “Why Does YouTube Go Black Screen“. The Video file is back to being viewable. You should restart your computer in order to make sure that everything is going on properly. It’s always a good idea to do a disk clean-up after repairing any errors. 


That is how you can Fix The YouTube Black Screen Error by simply read out this post. If the above information is informative for you then comment to me. Do not forget to share the information with your friends and share it on social platforms too.

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