4 Wine Cellars Secret You Need to Know While Designing Your Own Cellar

Wine Cellars

Creating magic in your home interior is not tough, especially if you have decided to invest in a wine cellars. A wine cellar can be a great asset for your home that can increase the value of the space while offering a stunning aesthetic appeal for the home. So, if you want to add a touch of luxury in your home interior and have a deep love and passion for fine vintage wine, then you should definitely consider designing and installing a wine cellar in your home. 

Now, unlike any other part of the home interior, wine cellars have some basic principles that one has to maintain. After all a wine cellar is not just ornamentation to your home interior. It has a purpose to serve. And the purpose is to offer the wine collection the right environment to age. These principles will make sure that your wine collection is in its best state and vintage beauties are retaining the taste and aroma the way they should after aging. Take a look at the following wine cellars secrets for more.

Place Horizontally and Label Up

When you are storing wine in your cellar, it is mainly with the aim of providing them with the right atmosphere to age well. And for that, it is necessary that the cork of the bottle should be proper. When you are placing the bottles horizontally, it will keep the cork wet so that it doesn’t shrink.Shrinking the cork is never a good thing for the wine. It results in allowing oxygen in the bottle which eventually will spoil the wine. At the same time, it is also necessary that you label up the bottle. It will help you see the sediment on the other side of the label, at the side of the bottle. Also, the label will show the date of the wine. You don’t have to move the bottle in order to see the date of it. As we all know that keeping wine bottles steady is a good way to keep it healthy and well while aging. While designing home wine cellars, this is a primary thing that you have to keep in mind. 

UV Rays and Its Effect

For wine and its aging, it is necessary that it doesn’t get exposed to UV rays. Now, it is obvious that you are not placing the bottle in direct sunlight. But when you are planning the wine cellar design, maybe you are thinking of adding fluorescent lights inside the cellar. If yes, then you must refrain from the idea. Why? Well, when it comes to fluorescent, this emits the UV rays that can actually affect the health of the wine. UV rays can be transmitted through the glass of the bottle. So, it can very easily manipulate the aging process of the wine while altering or deteriorating the taste and aroma of it. So, instead of fluorescent, look for other sources of light. Make sure that the lights are not becoming a factor to deteriorate taste and aroma of wine. 

Truth about Aging

When it comes to the aging of wine, you need to be aware of one fundamental truth. Age doesn’t attribute great taste to an average wine. There are many types of wine that need to age properly to have the aroma and taste that it actually is known for. And then, there are wines which don’t need aging. And of course, there are poor-quality wines too that have reached the right age but owing to the low quality and defective aging process, the taste and the aroma are affected badly. So, depending on these, choose the vintages that are worthy of storing to age. 

Maintaining the temperature of the wine

When storing wine, you need to know the temperature to maintain in the storage. Ideally, it must be around 11-12 degrees Celsius. For white wines, the temperature needs to be a couple of degrees less, and for red wine a bit up. Besides, sudden temperature fluctuations may destroy the wine, so steer clear of it. You may install a faint light in the cellar when visiting it and the relative humidity should be around 60%-70% of the atmospheric humidity. Maintaining the humidity level helps to avoid unwanted odors. If you are planning to use the cellar for entertainment or tasting, adding some décor is good to go. Above all, you need to mount the cellar in a tranquil environment and in a place without windows so that it lasts for several years.

Keep It Clean

The bottom line is that your cellar should be clean. Unwanted and foreign food particles, strong smell and so on can actually penetrate through the cork and contaminate the wine. Keep food and other beverages away from the cellar as it might attract flies or mice that can affect the cork, bottles, and wine. 

So, now as you know how you can create the dream wine cellar at your home, what are you waiting for? Keep these points in mind while planning your Bellaire TX wine cellar.


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