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Why All Skin Types Must Use a Night Cream


We all perform skin care in the morning but we often forget about a night care routine. It  is as essential as the morning routine. So what should be anyone’s Night care routine? Your night care routine includes your face wash, moisturizer and your night cream. We all know about washing our faces and moisturizing them but what about night cream? Night balm are very important for the skin as it keeps  the face soothing and hydrated all night.

Is night cream different from moisturizer? 

Technically night creams and moisturizers are  similar. Night creams work more intensely than a moisturizer. A moisturizer keeps your face hydrated in the day time but at night it is essential to put on a night cream as it is thicker. A night balm brings too much hydration to your face which might not be suitable for day time.

Our face is  meant to absorb 15% more of any product at night than at day time. It is because during the day we go out, we work, we are open to the environment, we are in hustle and bustle. But at night, we relax. Our mind, our body, our skin is ready to replenish.

Most night creams are designed to be an anti-aging cream. They are made up of fundamentals which help us to take good care of your skin and to reduce the effects of aging.

Are there any natural night creams? 

Yes there are natural night creams available. One of the best examples is Aloe Vera, gel you can put on Aloe Vera gel for a night and it has no harm to your skin.

Aloe Vera gel is made up of 96% water which keeps your skin hydrated overnight. It gives an adequate nourishment, softness and hydration to your skin. Any skin type can use aloe vera gel as a unguent. It is natural as well as cheap and  easily available in the markets.

Moreover, aloe vera gel has a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin  A, B, C and E which stimulates the skin cells  growth. 

Few benefits of aloe vera gel are:

  1. It fights acne and blemishes.
  2. It treats sunburn. 
  3. It eliminates dead skin cells.

Uses of a night cream

Below are some of the best use of a night cream.


We spend our days outdoors, in pollutants and sunburn which takes over all the water and hydration our skin needs. However, night times are meant for fixation. Applying a night unguent delivers the proper amount of hydration and prepares your skin for the next day.

Collagen boosting 

Wrinkles and fine lines are more visible  when the collagen is depleted. With the help of night creams you can boost your collagen  production, helping your skin to look plumber. It reduced skin sagging as well. 

It also promotes blood circulation. And eliminating toxins, helping the skin to heal naturally. 

Preparing your skin for tomorrow 

Every single day our skin faces a lot of contaminated stuff. Our faces are the front line of ourselves. Our faces have to look bright, glowing and shiny.

A night cream tackles dryness and dullness, reassuring that we are  prepared to absorb all the products we will apply in the morning properly. It ensures the penetration of the products.  A night balm prepares and heals are faces to look absolutely glorious for the next day. 

Procedure of applying a night cream

First and foremost is to wash your face gently with your regular cleanser or your face wash. Do remember that your cleanser or face wash matches the type of skin you have. Pat dry your face and make sure your face is dry and ready for the application of night cream.

After drying up your face thoroughly, dab on to night cream. Take a lenient amount of night cream on your clean fingertips. And start massaging it on your face in an upward direction, always massage your face in the upward direction as it boosts your blood circulation. Massage till the night cream is absorbed in your skin. Try to apply your night cream 30 minutes prior going to sleep. Avoid the area near your eyes and never forget to apply it on your neck. 

Appropriate age for applying night cream

There is no age for applying moisturizer on your face at night. But when it comes to night creams, they are more intense and heavy than a moisturizer, so, it is preferable to start applying your night creams in your late 20s and your initial 30s. The collagen production starts to  drop off by late 20s to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. 

Which night cream will suit you? 

In case of oily skin, you should opt for oil free night cream. And always check its components i.e., hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids. Make sure your night cream has a non-comedogenic formula.

In case you have dry skin, go for a unguent which has thick cream base, it will soothe your skin. 

In your 20s your night cream should contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera gel honey and essential oils. You should look for unguent which is active and collagen production, amino acids, ceramics and retinol rich in antioxidants when you are in your 30s and 40s. In your 50 and 60s it is important to hold for extra rich night creams which are meant for mature skin. 



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