Understanding The Basic Things About A White Persian Cat Breed

White Persian Cat

Are you planning to get a beautiful Persian cat home? If yes, then you have definitely made a great choice as Persian cats have a worldwide demand. These beautiful long-haired cats are known for their distinctive look and nature. However, being a breed that is known worldwide, you must be aware of all the necessities before you bring a white Persian cat. So in this blog, we will try to find out in detail about everything you need to maintain a beautiful Persian cat.

They look extremely appealing:

There is no denying the fact that the Persian cat is probably one of the most adorable felines. This iconic breed is known for its large eyes, stocky bodies and thick coats. However, when you first observe a beautiful white Persian cat, the first thing that will immediately hit your mind is their smooshy and cute faces.

They have a medium size where the males are slightly bigger than the females. Generally, males weigh around 9 to 13 pounds and females around 7 to 10 pounds. Apart from white, Persian cats are available in a range of other colours like grey, and cream with brilliant eyes, typically in green, hazel, blue or copper.

Over the years, there have been two different types of Persian cats which include the traditional, which is also known as doll face and the show Persian cats. Depending on your requirement, the prices might differ from one to another. However, both breeds will have similar long coats and an extremely appealing nature that keeps you intrigued to it.

They have a quiet temperament:

Persian cats are known as a sweet yet stylish breed with elegant bodies and quiet nature. They look like walking sponges, with the only purpose of life being to adore them. These cats are extremely unavoidable due to their looks. Apart from this, they have a highly amazing temperament that brings cat enthusiasts closer to them.

They are always curious but remain happy, which will not drive you crazy. Besides, if you are looking for a highly active cat breed, Persian cats are certainly not a desirable choice. They are also known as lazy breeds who will love to spend time on your couch. Besides being solidly built, they are not a breed that will attempt to climb your curtains. You will most likely find them napping on a cushion or your couch.

The best thing about Persian cats is that they can get along with everyone in your house. Whether it is other pets or kids, Persian cats are energetic enough to play with them. They also love toys and games and would love to be cuddled. They require constant entertainment.

They require high care:

Since Persian cats have luxurious courts, owners require taking proper care of them. This will prevent matting and tangles on your house. So, you need to know that brushing and combing are a regular part of your life. This will prevent excess dead hair, dirt buildup and cat litter.

So you must be aware that you require spending quite a good amount on them for grooming. If you want to maintain their look just the way you bought them, grooming is an essential part of their life. They might not be willing to take a bath on a regular basis, but with time, they will get into the habit of it. Remember that without grooming, your white Persian cat might lose its originality.

Bottom line:

There is no denial about the fact that a white Persian cat is simply irresistible. However, you have to make sure that you choose a reliable breeder who can offer the best quality Persian cat. If you are looking for one such name, Mummy Cat can be a great choice.

The best part about Mummy Cat is that you can also get the best Siamese cat price in India and other exotic breeds.

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