White Label SEO: Everything You Need To Know

White Label SEO

White label SEO is a very simple concept and very easy to understand if explained properly. First, Let’s break this term into two parts: White label and SEO. 

When you understand the meaning of these two terms separately, understanding white label SEO becomes very easy. So, let’s dive straight into the concept of it.

  • What is white label/labeling? 

White labeling is when a company or brand, removes its name and logo from a product and uses the branding and logo which is required by the client or customer.

A white label is a company or agency that provides the service of white labeling to other companies and agencies. Now you must be getting an idea of what White label SEO might mean.

White labels are very similar to ghostwriters. Ghostwriters do not take any sort of credit for what they write and simply sell their content with no name. Similarly, white labels do not have any credit for the product they have made. All the products are sold under the brand name of the client’s company.

Let’s take an example to understand white labeling in a better way. The Reliance store sells many products like groceries, beauty products, and clothes under their name. But that does not mean that those products are manufactured and packaged in the industries of the Reliance company. Many of those products are manufactured by other white label companies and are then sold under the name of Reliance. Now I hope you have understood the concept of white labels.

Private label is also a similar term. People often mix up White labels and Private labels. These are two very similar yet different terms. 

When you choose a private label for services, you have to decide everything you want in the product. Including the patterns and colors involved in the packaging of the product. 

But when you choose white labels for this work, you do not have to give them the specifics of your end product. All you have to do is, set a range in which you want your product to be. Rest is up to them. Thus, private labels and white labels are not the same.

Now you must be thinking, what is the connection between white labels and SEO? For that, we have to understand the role of white label companies in digital marketing.

It is quite simple. They provide services like SEO and social media marketing on behalf of the companies asking for those services.

I hope you have a clear understanding of white labels by now. Let’s look at the best part of white label SEO. That is SEO.

  • What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization started in the mid-1990s. Around 1997 the term SEO became very popular among webmasters. There is no particular name as to who came up with this concept. But, industry analyst Danny Sullivan gives the credit to Bruce Clay. He is also considered a founding father of SEO.

In simple words, it is the process of optimizing or making slight changes in websites to make them more ”searchable” on search engines by organic or non-paid searches.

The term “more searchable” simply means whenever a searcher searches for something relevant to your website, SEO increases the chances of showing your website to the searcher.

This is a very important strategy used in digital marketing that you need to know if you’re a business person.

To know what SEO exactly means, you first have to understand how search engines work.

Search engines aim to provide the best and the most relevant answers to their searchers. For this, highly used search engines like Google and Yahoo use different algorithms and crawlers that check the content of every webpage and website in great detail. These algorithms comb all the web pages and gather information like texts and images which they think would be the best answer to a searcher’s question.

SEO is used to make sure that these algorithms pick your website when they comb the content, and show it to the searchers.

Although popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo do not reveal their algorithms used for ranking websites, experts try their best to understand it. Thus, SEO is quite helpful in building up a successful business.

SEO helps in increasing organic and genuine traffic on your website. It directly reaches the target audience of your website. Also, it strengthens the user’s trust and credibility. And as mentioned earlier, it is a long-term and effective marketing strategy for businesses.

Now that you have read about SEO in detail, and have a good understanding of it, let’s look at our term. White label SEO.

  • What is White label SEO?

As discussed earlier white label SEO is a concept that contains two things: white labeling and SEO. You have understood the two terms separately. 

White labeling is when some other company provides its services under the name of your brand. And SEO or search engine optimization is making changes to your websites to increase their growth.

So putting those two terms together, white label SEO is when an SEO services providing company provides those services under the brand name of your company. Thus, the services are provided by your company to the client. However, the actual work is done by some other white label SEO agency.

If you’re already providing other digital services and want to add SEO as another service, you don’t need to begin from scratch. You can just partner with a white label SEO provider and your work is done. Thus, white label SEO is also a very useful method in digital marketing and businesses. 

I hope you have understood the concept of white labeling, SEO, and white label SEO in this article. It is a very simple but crucial concept in this digital era.  Now that you have understood the basics, go ahead and dive deeper into the concept of white label SEO. 

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