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Which EHR, Eyefinity Vs. NOSH, Is a Better Choice?


If you are unsure about how vital EHRs are, trust us when we say that they assist clinicians in better managing patient care and delivering better healthcare by providing accurate. Quick access to patient records enables more coordinated, effective care. If you’re deciding between Eyefinity EHR and NOSH EHR solutions, this article will help. To learn more, let’s continue reading. 

About Eyefinity EHR

Eyefinity is a cloud-based solution used to speed up medical documentation procedures. Its patient portal assists in managing patient records, including appointment scheduling and billing, through an integrated dashboard to improve staff accuracy and productivity. 

It supports pre-performing telehealth video tests based on user patterns and adaptable templates for a speedy charting experience among ophthalmologists and other multi-specialty practitioners. 

What is NOSH?

The New Open-Source Health (NOSH) EHR was primarily developed for day-patient healthcare facilities. The software makes it simpler for medical practitioners to access a user-friendly, cutting-edge, rapid, and inexpensive electronic health record. It provides secure chat, a patient portal, appointment booking, and reminders. In addition, users have access to a wide variety of templates. Graphing and patient learning document alerts, electronic order input, electronic forms, practice management tools, and cutting-edge tagging technologies are among the additional features. 

Key Features

Eyefinity EHR key features

  • Cloud-Based Application: Use cloud technology to access files and documents from anywhere in the world with a cloud-based application. 
  • Patient Portal: Provide customers with an easy dashboard so they may plan their appointments, examine e-prescriptions, and arrange testing and follow-up appointments. Use portals for invoicing clients effortlessly and delivering accurate billing statements to them. 
  • Customizable Dashboard: Dashboard modification tools let you remove tabs or add new ones to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing dashboard. Calendars should be adjusted, and modules and widgets should be relocated to a more accessible spot. 
  • Claim Tracking: Track pending claims that could need follow-ups using advanced analytics. 
  • Step-by-Step Direction: Access a simple interface with step-by-step directions for speed and efficiency at work. View the recommendations for software development for a more precise understanding and easier use.  
  • E-Prescribing: To create electronic prescriptions and refills, review patient histories, and detailed report statements. 
  • Exam System: Utilize modern features, scalable dashboards, and quick technologies to assess and finish exam data.  
  • Interoperable Chart Sharing: Use CEHRT to focus on patient charting and provide doctors and patients with immediate access to medical reports and data. Organizing collection techniques and precise analysis can promote successful communication between doctors, pharmacists, patients, and staff members.  
  • MIPS Compliance: Reduce audit risk with MIPS to provide high-quality reports and improved assessment. By integrating IRIS with the built-in register, you can enable automatic data submission. 

NOSH key Features

The NOSH Charting System uses only the highest Caliber software components, including those from Facebook, Google, Adobe, and Amazon, among the largest and most reputable ISPs. NOSH can be set up on any server platform. In addition, the tool can be set up as a cloud-based or standalone solution. There is access to both online and telephone support. 

  • Clinical Notes: The NOSH EHR solution covers demographics, current health issues, medicines, dietary supplements, and specifics of prior physical examinations in great detail. In addition, the program includes a built-in document generating and management system that can connect with the patient portal and an automatic notice and reminder system. 
  • Patient log-in procedure: With the help of this function, customers can contact their physician, schedule appointments, complete paperwork, keep track of their medical background, and set up SMS and email reminders. Different portals offer unique security and access capabilities, including suppliers, billers, and helpers. 
  • Configuration: All of NOSH EHR’s capabilities are completely programmable because it is free and open-source software. Everything, including dashboard modules and patient-specific records, can be customized to meet your requirements. Integrating with third-party software enables the expansion of functionalities as well. 
  • Integration: From a single platform, practitioners may now manage various duties relating to scheduling, patient data, inventory, and finances. Everyone, including doctors, assistants, billers, and patients, can keep organized because of its networking characteristics. Users and programmers can also work together. 

How can the solution be beneficial for your practice? Eyefinity vs. NOSH.


Served various disciplines for over 30 years, including pediatrics, ophthalmology, radiography, substance abuse, and chiropractic care. Enabling ledger integration, analytical reporting, and patient information management reduces the complexity of patient care. All sizes of healthcare organizations can use Eyefinity. 

Eyefinity To conclude data based on user patterns and customized criteria for speedy charting and precise documentation, employ customizable and complex exam templates. 

Eyefinity eliminates lengthy, clumsy procedures connected to antiquated and traditional documentation techniques. Maintained patient records and documentation using digital tools to reduce errors and enhance accuracy for billing and claim follow-ups. 

Daily processes can be streamlined through electronic forms, e-prescriptions, and scheduling modules to reduce staff stress, minimize cognitive burdens, and save time. Eyefinity improves and enhances patient connection with doctors and employees through internal computer technologies. Utilize a secure patient portal to communicate at every stage of the healing process. T

o effectively employ MIPS for tracking, reporting, and performance evaluation, Eyefinity uses IRIS integration or a built-in register. 

Why use NOSH EHR?

NOSH is Free and Open-Source practice management software, and instead of joining a community of like-minded medical professionals for support and collaboration, practices can save money with NOSH, a Free and Open Source alternative.

In addition, users can communicate with programmers and colleagues using the system’s Github repository to assist the software in becoming more valuable. 

The NOSH software can be altered to fit the demands of the practice. Because it is open-source, users can customize it to their liking or use third-party integrations and prebuilt modification options.

From a single, integrated platform, practices may manage schedules, patients, patient data, inventory, financials, and more.

In addition, physicians, assistants, billers, and even patients may keep organized thanks to integrations for import/export, notifications, custom patient records, and patient messaging. 

User reviews

Eyefinity: User reviews indicate that fixing Eyefinity Post-update issues takes time. Updates need to be processed manually; they are not automatic. And May encounter downtime. 

NOSH: According to user input, NOSH is not certified for Meaningful Use. It is not a SaaS product. NOSH does not provide clinical decision guidelines or even mobile apps. 

The last word

Ultimately, the choice of software depends on the needs of your practice because Eyefinity Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is explicitly created for ophthalmology and optometry practices. In addition, it is offered as both on-cloud and server-based solutions, so practitioners can select whichever best suits their requirements.

Nosh, on the other hand, is an open-source medical charting system that supports organizations in the healthcare sector in managing patient medical data, allergy lists, appointments, inventories, and more. However, before making a final choice, we advise you to review customer reviews. 



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