Where Can You Play Fantasy Basketball Leagues?


Basketball ranks as the greatest generalist game that is played around the world. It is likely the most popular sport, and joining a league in this game is one of the most complex tasks that one can decide to do.

During the pandemic, fantasy games became popular and captured a vast audience. The emergence of several of these apps has made the market cluttered with too many choices for the players. As a player, you should decide on which site you should play fantasy basketball so that it fits your desired level of performance and needs to reach your full potential.

It is important to understand that the better a game offers, the better its chances of attracting more players to its platform.

Let’s check out the best places where you can play fantasy basketball leagues and have a great time.

ESPN Fantasy Basketball

ESPN is one of the best sites to play fantasy basketball leagues. ESPN has live updates where you can enjoy all of the matches and be updated on the scores and performances of all players in the happening games. It is easy to play on the ESPN website, as you benefit from not having to look over other channels for the recent updates on the game. The developers have also eradicated the use of the inconvenient picture-in-picture option that usually irritates the player’s point of view. The platform is well maintained and regularly updated to keep you informed of the latest news and player stats.

MPL Fantasy Basketball 

MPL has the most organized structure among all apps in the Fantasy Basketball realm. After you first download the game, you have to register yourself on the app. You have to choose the match of your preference and then create your fantasy basketball team. After selecting players for every position, you can enter many contests and try to grab a win. All contests have a nominal entry fee, but great prizes and rewards await you if you manage to win. The rules governing this fantasy league basketball are quite simple, and you can get familiar with the ropes in no time. Like other fantasy games, you get a set of credit points deducted as you choose the players for your team. The animations on this app are top-notch, and you will never face any random glitches. You can easily stay in touch with your friends and followers, and with the availability of intuitive controls, playing on this app is a breeze. To download basketball fantasy app from MPL, you have to visit their website and put in your phone number, after which you get a direct link for download sent to your mobile device.

CBS Fantasy Basketball

This app is also provided by another famous news channel CBS under their sports section. They maintain a roster that provides participants with mock drafts and live ones. The unique aspect of this fantasy league app is the draft mode which differs from the other apps in the market. In most cases, it seems good for the user, and in some cases, the player has a hard time getting friendly with it. Given such circumstances, players must decide on their preference and then go ahead with the app. There is also a player history that you can access, which shows you the progress of your game over the time that you have played on the app. It is a news app that makes its player and match updates more dependable. CBS is also a long-running news channel, so it has dedicated customer service to help solve any problems that you might face.


 This is a dedicated fantasy basketball app with a funky design that caters best to the younger generation. You will find Dunkest cognitively different from most fantasy apps, which makes it more intriguing.

As the coach in fantasy basketball games, you can play in two separate modes. The modes are classic, and draft mode and the difference between them is the selection of rosters. With the help of this app, you can create either private leagues or include yourself in general public leagues. The bright colored quirky nature of Dunkest and dedicated servers make it a very strong fantasy basketball app and one that you will have an amazing time playing.

Yahoo Fantasy Basketball

Yahoo began the first fantasy basketball app in the market and earned a deserved mention on the list. The special feature of Yahoo’s app is that they highlight the special videos, and you can also see instant replays of match highlights. The factor where you can relate to the live games instantaneously makes it all the better for the players. They also have a service where you can immediately get support for any bugs and failures you might encounter in the game and get in touch with their service team. The app is fantastic, and with the trust of Yahoo, you can certainly rely on the readily updated player information.

In Conclusion

Players must be quite discreet while choosing their fantasy basketball leagues, as playing in such games requires a lot of mental investment from the gamers. Not all the games in the market are up to the mark and offer a premium experience. It is up to the player to decide which platform supports their requirements and set up their fantasy league accordingly. The above list is assorted with the best apps currently on the market, and you will find them quite useful on your journey of fantasy basketball.

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