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What Is the Best Way to Hunt Whitetail Deer in Mountains?


Deer hunting can be fun as people explore the activity in different environments and exploit hunting prowess. One of the most explored hunting grounds is the mountain areas for the whitetail deer. Hunting in the mountains can be controversial; it needs specific skills to ensure a catch. It does not follow conventional hunting rules like bringing your dogs along.

Whitetail deer hunting requires specific skills such as precision and stealth. Without these skills, you are in for a rough time and perhaps no catch. Before you get to the mountains, here are some tips to help. 

The timing

A good hunter should know the best time to get the deer. You must relate the weather to your hunting expedition. Visibility in the mountains can be challenging; hence you need the best visibility to get a clear and good shot. Besides the visibility, you need to time the deer when they are idle. The best time to do that is in the morning when the visibility is low, and they can’t spot you easily. They are also active in the mist, and you can quickly come across a target. 

The best time for whitetail deer hunting is when the deer haven’t started grazing. Time them when gathered or playing and take a shot. This is the best, shortest and smartest strategy to make a kill. If you love the fun and chase, wait for the mist to fade and go hunting up to the evening. 

The best hunting tool

What is the best hunting tool for whitetail deer? Remember, they can run fast whenever they sense danger. They also have good eyesight and hearing capabilities; hence you cannot get closer. You also need to aim accurately and hit the right spot. A good hunting weapon should be a rifle. You can select the best guns for hunting whitetail deer.

You can also buy the best hunting bows and arrows to hit your target from afar. You can buy a laser gun or one fitted with a rifle scope to help you boost your aiming. Moreover, it should not be too loud to scare the deer. If you love the fun, such as taking a shot while the deer runs, you can use a shotgun with buckshot to aim and increase the bullets’ speeds.

Stalking the deer

You need camo clothes to ensure the deer does not spot you easily when you go hunting. You can spot them from afar and move gently towards the target or aim from far. You also need binoculars to help you stalk them, and you can also follow their trail. 

While stalking and aiming, take advantage of your terrain to hide in plain sight. This tactic allows you to get closer to them, especially when they fight, play, or gather in herds. 

Take advantage of the tree strands. The deer hardly look up when grazing; hence the strands can be an excellent spot to hide. It can also be a good place to aim at the deer for accurate shots.

Learn the thermal and swirling winds

When hunting in the mountains, the wind can be your greatest hindrance. It can help the animals smell you from away, or it can interfere with the shot. In the morning, mountain winds should flow downwards; hence you can approach the animals from below. You can approach them from above in the evening since the winds will likely blow up the mountain. 

What other items do you need?

Before you leave for the expedition, you need to ensure you pack the right hunting gear. The drone can be a perfect tool for hunting. You can fly it around and stalk the deer because they hardly notice anything above them. It saves you the burden of searching for longer hours. You need your phone to help you map the spots on the hunting ground. You can use directives provided by past hunters. 

You need a decoy to lure the animals in your direction. It can help you locate the animals or scare them to run in a specific direction to get a perfect shot. You can use it when you have trouble locating the animals.


Why is hunting whitetail deer challenging


As you go on the hunting expedition, everything may not be as easy as you think. Sometimes, these animals can be aggressive and attack instead of running away. This is a trait amongst the big males; hence you need to keep your distance.

Powerful sense organs

You also need to be aware of their sense organs. They have a powerful smell; hence, you must wash your hunting clothes with non-scented detergents, maintain a distance, or stalk from a direction against the wind. They have good eyesight, and they can spot you from afar. Finally, they have good hearing to escape their predators in time. 

The environment

The mountain environment can be the most dangerous ground to hunt. The twigs in the bushes can be a challenge, especially when running. You can slip easily in the morning and hurt yourself badly. You need protective gear such as boots, gloves, and head safety gear. You also need to observe the weather challenge. It is risky to run on the mountain slopes.


Hunting whitetail mountain deer is not a big challenge as long as you master the art. However, if you are new, you need the right equipment, such as rifle guns, decoys, camo clothing, and other protective gear. You can also take advantage of the winds, time of the day, and tree stands for successful stalking. You need to be cautious since some deer can be aggressive.



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