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What is Instazu? What are Alternatives?


Do you prefer to use Instagram private mode? Instazu is the tool you need. A popular Instagram viewer was used by many to view private Instagram profiles.

Instazu’s interface was simple. If the profile username is entered, users will be able search for posts related to that profile. You might also find posts that are related to the tags on the page. It was, in other words, a great tool for anyone who wanted Instagram without creating an account.

Instazu is not available for Instagram stalking. Are you willing to continue stalking me? Don’t worry. Below are some other methods to stalk Instagram profiles anonymously without an Instagram account.

Private Image Viewer

This is a great tool to view photos in private mode. This popular Instastalkr allows you to see Instagram profiles without sharing your identity.

This tool is easy to use. Search for the username of your target profile. To confirm the user, examine the details. Next, decide what you would like to see. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can view that profile.

It lets you view and download Instagram stories anonymously.


Picuki allows you to view and edit Instagram content from anywhere without logging in. You can also view the Instagram accounts of others without logging in. This is a great deal if you want to follow other Instagram accounts.

The Instagram web viewer offers many cool features. You can edit and improve your Instagram content. All of the most popular content can be found in one place. You can also browse anonymously without having to log into your Instagram account Instazu.

Type a few words in the box and visit the website. It will show you related profiles and tags. You can also see the most popular posts of the day by clicking on the trending tab.


You are looking for an Instagram program that can track and analyse your Instagram account? Webstagram is a great resource. It can track any Instagram account that you wish to view in secret. You can see many details without signing up, including the number and type of followers, uploads, as well as the interaction rate. It also provides additional information if you wish to upgrade your account.

Go to Webstagram today. Log in to your account to start looking at Instagram accounts. Register to receive more information

Webstagram is the most popular web-based Instagram viewer. It is worth a try.


Gwaa allows you to see Instagram videos and photos without an Instagram account. This is one of the best Instagram stalker apps for secretly watching Instagram accounts. This tool allows you to view any profile within minutes.

Follow a step-by–step process to browse and download Instagram photos from any Instagram account. First, visit Gwaa’s private Instagram viewer. Click the button to confirm your profile. The robot verification exam is the next stage. You can then download the Instagram images from that account.

You can use the Gwaa tool if you have been blocked by someone or they haven’t responded to your request to follow you. It doesn’t matter if they reject your follow request or you blocked them.


There are many ways to access any Instagram profile, even if you don’t have an Instagram account. Not all tools will provide the exact information you need. Gramhir is a great tool for analysing Instagram accounts, as it provides a wide range of services. Both hashtags and usernames can be used Instazu.

Just type in a username into the box provided. At this point, select the profile most relevant to your search. Clicking on the tags tab will bring up a list with alternative hashtags. Clicking on a tag will show you posts that are related to your search terms.



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