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What is Eyelash Lifting, What are the Used Accessories for Lifting?

Eyelash Lifting

Lash lifting is an application that allows sparse eyelashes to gain volume. It is generally preferred by women with sparse and voluminous eyelashes. The qualities of the materials used in the application with different materials are very important. The use of chemical-containing materials may cause undesirable results in the eyelashes.

Therefore, it is recommended to use natural ingredients. You can achieve voluminous eyebrows with lash lifting products also supplied by CSS Salon Supplies. While your eyelashes look fuller, they also get a healthy form thanks to the care application. So, what are the materials used within the scope of eyelash lifting? What should be considered for eyelash lifting?

What is Eyelash Lifting, Why is it Preferred?

Some women complain that their eyelashes are voluminous and sparse. It is possible to say that they can get different applications done in order to create the eyelash look they want. One of these applications is known as eyelash lifting. Generally, it is an ideal application for sparse and voluminous eyebrows.

No chemical material is used in eyelash lifting, which is known as a natural method. In this way, eyelashes both obtain a curved appearance and take a nourishing state with care products. Lash lifting, which is usually a 45-minute process, includes various steps. Sterile silicones are used under the eyes to adhere the eyelashes.

Then, the eyelashes are attached to the pads one by one and waited for a while for the eyelashes to dry. It is very important for a successful application that the lashes stand one by one and separately. Nutritious black paint is applied to the bottom of the eyelashes.

Afterwards, a keratin treatment is applied to the bottom of the eyelashes. Thus, by feeding the eyelashes, a more well-groomed and healthy eyelash structure can be achieved.

Lash lifting is frequently preferred by women, especially in recent times, because it is a risk-free procedure. It is very important that the used materials for eyelash lifting are natural. Materials containing chemicals can cause damage to the eyelashes. For this reason, it is possible to state that the used materials as well as the eyelash lifting application have an important place. So what materials are needed for the application?

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What Accessories are Used for Eyelash Lifting?

Lash lifting, which is preferred for voluminous and curved eyelash structure, is an easy application. For this reason, it stands out as an application frequently preferred by women who want to achieve fuller eyelashes. There are various materials used in eyelash lifting. It is possible to list some of these materials in general as follows:

Applicator (Micro Brush)

It is a product that helps to apply micro brushes, cream perm solution and fixative solutions. It makes transactions much faster and easier.

Eyelash Under Eye Tape

It is a tape applied under the eye during the eyelash lifting process. It does not cause any harm to the skin, it is used easily.

Lash Separating Tweezers

Lash separation tweezers are a preferred product for separating false eyelashes. It is a curved tweezer and can be easily sterilized. It is among the indispensable products as it makes it possible to separate the eyelashes from each other.

Lash Lifting Fixing Solution

The fixative solution used during lash lifting is used after the perm drug. It is preferred as the second solution and ensures the fixation of the eyelashes.

Each product that can be listed as above is preferred during eyelash lifting. It is important to have each material in order to carry out the application successfully. In addition, a systematic study during the application also affects the success rate of the application.

It is possible to have a voluminous and lively eyelash structure with eyelash lifting application. You can reach the eye-catching eyelash structure effortlessly with the eyelash lifting application. Hair care has an important place.

Also you can reach semi permanent hair dye products in the hair category via CSS.

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