What Are The Top Must-have Features In An Educational App?

Educational App

Earlier educational institutes used to conduct their classes offline, but post-pandemic things have changed. With the use of modern technology, e-learning apps, Educational App are introducing to learners. It ensures that they can continue their learning with ease in their own comfort. Schools and other study institutes have opted to digital platforms. Black Board and notebooks got replaced with smart devices like projectors and tablets. 

Analyzing all these things from a business perspective, developing an app can be a good idea. There are ample of education app development features which are implemented in an app. In this post, we will talk about features that you must have in an educational app.

Top Features You Must Have In An Educational App

Here are the top features that you must have in an educational app.

1) High-Value Content

Whenever you are trying to develop an e-learning app, try to provide quality content. Everyone knows content is the king. Every learner wants to surf quality content that can provide some value. It will help your user stay longer in your app, which helps in business growth.

In building an education app, it is your responsibility to provide quality content. Take your time to do well-research, search for a topic and ideas, and then proceed further. In today’s competitive market, you have to solve user problems if you want to sustain your business.

Add your content in the form of a word, graphics, video, and animation to make it interactive.

2) Strong Database

After you have research in your content, the next important thing will be to develop a strong database. It is a place where all your data will be stored. 

Connect with your education app development company to integrate a robust database that contains all essential information regarding study lessons. 

Integrating a strong database is important as it acts as a backbone of any app you are developing. 

3) Engaging User Interface

Customers are the heart of every business. You need to take special care of them. When we talk about education apps or any other app, the interface should be clean and fast. There is a wide variety of apps available in the market having different user-interfaces. 

Develop your e-learning app that has a clean interface and is liked by your user. If you have large numbers of users coming to your app, you can earn more profit in your business. 

4) One-Step Login & Dashboard

Studies have shown that an app having multiple logins is uninstalled by users very often. When you are planning to develop an education app, you must integrate one-step login to ensure that students don’t get distracted by the login interface in the app. 

On the other hand, integrating a custom dashboard in an education app is essential. Students can customize their dashboard according to their study plan, chapters, and lessons they want to explore first. 

Both these things are important to implement in an education app. 

5) Push Notification

A new chapter is coming up? A new study material may have arrived? The progress results may have arrived.

Are you waiting for all these? Push notification directly sends all the latest notifications and new updates to the user’s home screen. This may result in more visitors to your app, which may in return, give you more profit for your business. 

7) Social Media Integration

In today’s online world, every user is on every social media platform. Integration of social media handles in an education app helps students to share their scores if they have performed well in the progress test. 

Sharing their top scores or any new achievements gives them the confidence to explore new things and continue their learning. 

In today’s modern app, a new feature is implemented where you can invite your friends through social media and play quizzes and give the online test with them. 

6) Progress Test & Reports 

When you are developing any learning app, it is essential to implement progress tests and resort features. 

But Why?

This helps the learner to track their performance and how well your app is performing. All these data can be tracked with the help of progress tests and reports. 

When any students complete their chapter or assignment, to check the learning progress test is important.

Reports are based on completing full chapters and calculating all the progress tests and on the basis of that, a complete progress report is prepared to judge your performance. 


If you are thinking in terms of business, developing an ed-tech app in today’s era is an excellent business idea. 

There are many development companies that provide education app development services that you can avail to develop an app. 

But while you develop an e-learning app, don’t forget to add the features in the app. These are the most important features that you must have in an education app in 2022. 

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