What Are Beacons and How Can Businesses Use Them?


Beacons are gaining increasing popularity among organizations operating in various industries, from tourism to healthcare. What exactly are they and how can they benefit businesses? Keep reading to discover top applications of beacons!

The definition of beacons

Beacons are small wireless devices that can be placed in a selected area to broadcast a signal detectable by other devices.

This signal can be used to trigger an action, such as displaying a message, contacting a company, and more.

Exemplary application

It can be used to create a more seamless customer experience in brick and mortar stores. For example, they can be used to send notifications to a customer’s smartphone as they walk in the door, alerting them to current sales or promotions.

Moreover, beacons can also be used to track a customer’s location as they move throughout the store, allowing store employees to provide a more personalized shopping experience.

How can businesses use beacons?

Beacons can be used in a number of industries. They support the operation of organizations in sectors such as:

  • healthcare – Thanks to beacons, hospitals can monitor patients and equipment. This helps to prevent unnecessary expenditures, and protect the health of patients.
  • retail – Beacons can be used to send personalized offers to customers in the store. Moreover, they can also be used for contactless payments.
  • transportation – This can be used to provide information about the current location of the vehicle or to collect data about the number of passengers.
  • manufacturing – It can be used to track inventory or to monitor production process.
  • tourism – The technology can be used to provide people with directions to specific locations, give them information about nearby attractions, or help travelers find their way back to their hotels.

Apart from that, There are frequently used in modern office spaces to improve the experiences of employees, mimize operational costs, improve efficiency, and make more accurate business decisions based on factual data.

The takeaway

Beacons are smart devices that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of companies operating in various sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, or retail. They help to reduce operational costs, monitor equipment, make data-based business decisions, provide guidance, and increase revenues.

Businesses that want to stay competitive should invest in modern technology to provide customers with a seamless experience.

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