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Are you an owner of an eCommerce store and wonder how SEO is important for your business? We have all the answers. SEO is important to increase the quality of an eCommerce website. It gives several benefits like good site traffic, elevating content, filling the sales funnel, high conversion rates, increased brand awareness, better rankings, and more. But implementing eCommerce SEO is not a one-time easy task, and it needs you to be consistent and perform various activities to optimize your eCommerce website. Let us have a look at the essential eCommerce methods for optimization:

Essential SEO methods to optimize an eCommerce website

Make your website and listings keyword-friendly.

Starting from basic things, ensure that your items and sites are optimized for keywords that your target audience could look for. You have to consider some important points when you are thinking of developing a new keyword strategy. Always think like a customer. Suppose that you are a customer looking for a certain product in your niche and accordingly decide your keywords. For example, if you are into the restaurant business and serving in a single city. You should include keywords- best food near me, the best restaurant near you, etc. It will help potential clients to locate you. Never hoard for short keywords only. These may have great search volume and competition but are difficult to rank for. Instead, long-tail keywords with low search volumes can be easier to get displayed on higher rankings. You can also use the keyword planner tools to check the relevancy of keywords you are using.

Give your product page visitors a pleasurable experience.

The second important thing for eCommerce SEO is to improve the customer purchasing experience.

As Google has improved its search to highlight the highest quality material near the top of its results, it applies on eCommerce websites also. Each site should follow the E-A-T principle (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) to be more deliberate about the information they provide. When it comes to publication, the emphasis should be on quality and providing the most accurate and informative information. The details you mentioned about the product should be valid and up to date. So, increasing the trustworthiness among customers should be of utmost concern for eCommerce.

Site architecture

An eCommerce site architecture is concerned with your site navigation procedure and the organization of the website’s category or product web pages. It should be clear and concise for visitors and search engines. To make navigation smooth. Try to keep the product pages accessible only in three or fewer clicks from the home page. Always be cautious when adding new categories to make them scalable.

It improves the user experience and guarantees that product pages receive the appropriate authority from the homepage. It also helps the search engines to crawl and index your web pages. 

Make Your URL Search Engine Friendly.

URLs are also critical for eCommerce SEO. Search engine bots can use optimized URLs to find and explore your eCommerce website to learn more about it. Efficient URLs also tell potential consumers about the content of your website, which improves their experience. A solid user experience will, of course, help to increase user engagement on your eCommerce website. The longer your visitors stay on your site, the more likely they will become paying clients. And if they like the stuff, they buy from your online business and come back when they need more high-quality items.

Improve the Quality of Your Product Images

eCommerce websites should use vivid product photos that are also aesthetically pleasing. Good-quality visuals work as sales catalysts. As a result, the photographs on your eCommerce website must be captivating. But what many eCommerce site owners fail to recognize is that only the amazing product photo won’t work and attract search engines. Only a few people are aware of the incredible SEO potential of images. You may take advantage of this obliviousness to propel your eCommerce up the search ranks. Furthermore, the search results for Google Images might generate a lot of traffic so upload high-quality, optimized photos with proper alt text and details. 

Write unique product descriptions.

Create distinct product descriptions for each item as it is the most overlooked factor in eCommerce SEO. 

We can justify this in certain ways because an e-commerce platform may have many products in the same category, making it difficult to write a unique description for each product. However, the same descriptions will raise content duplication concerns, influencing your site’s ranking, and it can reduce traffic and conversion rates. Due to this, writing catchy and unique product descriptions is really important.

You can consider these things while writing a product description:-

  • Try to write product descriptions of 1000 words.
  • Use the focus keyword 3-5 times in the description.
  • LSI keywords should be sprinkled liberally.
  • Add modifiers like “Season End Sale” and click-magnet keywords like “Buy 1 Get 2″, “Zero Shipping,” and so on.
  • Always highlight the product’s specifications and critical details.
  • Never replicate descriptions from similar sites.

Additionally, you can ask consumers to give reviews and write product evaluations to bliss their shopping experience.

Fix broken links and improve your 404 page.

Broken links affect SEO negatively, impacting your website’s consumer experience and performance. Users will stop visiting if you interlink with broken product pages and categories. If you use an SEO tool like Ahrefs or Semrush, you can easily find all of your site’s broken links and make an effort to fix them. It is easy to remove these links and replace them with new valid links. You can also use broken link apps that will automatically fix them.


We can see that SEO is a cost-effective way to help customers find you easily, and it aids in growing the bottom line of your eCommerce website with long-lasting results. eCommerce SEO includes various small and easy things like keyword research and optimization, choosing the right product photos, writing product descriptions, having an easy-to-navigate design, good structure, maintaining search engine friendly URLs, etc. It is the best opportunity to increase the brand visibility of your eCommerce website at a low cost. If you want effective eCommerce SEO in your budget, you can contact SEO company Perth!


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