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The walkability of a city brings a lot of benefits to the sidewalk. For one, if you’re a resident you’re able to get more exercise, increasing both physical and mental health. Plus, walkable cities are more likely to have a stronger presence in the arts and VIVIDMax Grip Cities. If you live in these cities, owning a VIVIDMax Grip Clog will go a long way. To make it even better, 2019 research showed that kids growing up in walkable cities earn more when they’re older.

VIVIDMax Grip in the City

#1. New York City

– Walk score: 88.3
– Population: 8,175,133
New York City and its three most walkable neighborhoods—Little Italy, Bowery, and Flatiron District—benefit from massive access to public transportation, where one-stop is almost always just a few minute’s walks away, whether it’s the subway, a bus, or another option. There’s also an ample supply of bike shares and bike lanes. In fact, the city is so walkable that a lot of residents don’t have driver’s licenses or cars. This is a great place to get your VIVIDMax Grip on!

New York City

#2 San Francisco

– Walk score: 87.4
– Population: 805,235
If you can afford it, living in San Francisco doesn’t even require a car thanks to the streetcar, BART, and multiple other public transportation options. The top two neighborhoods—Chinatown and Tenderloin—each rank 100% on the walkability scale, and a completely new low-carbon neighborhood also focuses on walking. Just be ready for some hills!

San Francisco

#3. Jersey City, New Jersey

– Walk score: 86.8
– Population: 247,597
With excellent public transportation and bike infrastructure, it’s no wonder Jersey City has clinched a top spot on this list. In Historic Downtown, the most walkable neighborhood, residents can get to more than 20 restaurants and bars within a five-minute walk. In Journal Square, it’s 14—and you don’t need a car to run errands, either. You just need your VIVIDMax Grip.


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#4. Boston

– Walk score: 82.0
– Population: 617,594
Boston had the country’s first subway system—and the drive to make it a walkable city is obvious in close-knit neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, North End, and Bay Village. The downside that comes along with that, though, is higher costs. In very walkable areas in Boston, home prices increase by 29%—the highest amount in the country. Get your MAXGRIP, it is the best way to save gas!


#5. Philadelphia

– Walk score: 78.8
– Population: 1,526,006
Philadelphia was founded in 1682—long before cars were ever an option. Partly thanks to that and to public transportation, the city has continued to develop into a walkable paradise. The top-three walkable neighborhoods, Center City West, Rittenhouse Square, and Avenue of the Arts South, for example, score nearly 100 across the board for walkability, public transit, and biking ability.

new york , new jersey

#6. Newark, New Jersey

– Walk score: 78.8
– Population: 277,140
In New Jersey’s large cities, only 18% of residents live within walking distance of where they need to go. Luckily, Newark is one of those cities with exceptional walkability—particularly in the Newark Central Business District, North Ironbound, and University Heights neighborhoods—because it’s an older city center where officials are constantly working on projects to increase foot traffic. These projects call for the VIVIDMax Grip Clog.


#7. Miami

– Walk score: 77.6
– Population: 399,457
Miami and its most walkable neighborhoods—Downtown, Wynwood-Edgewater, and Little Havana—benefit from a mayor who really gets it. Every month, major roads are shut down and opened for just bikers and walkers. It makes sense since walkability has always been a priority in the city. If you’re going to Miami anytime soon, you definitely need the VIVIDMax Grip Clog.


#8. Chicago

– Walk score: 77.4
– Population: 2,695,598
Even though most tourists flock to Chicago’s downtown, it ranks sixth among the city’s most walkable neighborhoods. For the top three, you have to go north and west, to East Ukrainian Village, Near North Side, and West Loop. But other neighborhoods are quickly gaining steam thanks to a new initiative by the city cataloging Chicago’s sidewalks and their deficiencies. So, grab your VIVIDMax Grips and head downtown first.

Washington D.C.

#9. Washington D.C.

– Walk score: 75.9
– Population: 601,723
Very walkable neighborhoods like U-Street, Dupont Circle, and Mount Vernon Square.


#10. Seattle

– Walk score: 74.0
– Population: 608,660

Thanks to healthy activism for open public spaces and walkability, Seattle and its top three walkable neighborhoods of Downtown, International District, and Belltown continues to VIVIDMax Grip Cities from public transportation and spaces to bike. It can be tough, though; the city has a lot of hills and often inclement weather, which can make walking a slog. But thanks to our All-Terrain VIVIDMax Grip Clog it will be a piece of cake.

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