Various Teaching Strategies Tutors Can Use In Tuition Classes


A tutor must be familiar with different teaching strategies. It helps both beginners and experienced tutors improve their lessons and deliver engaging and interactive sessions to the students. For this reason, we have compiled various strategies in this article that will help the tutors improve their tuition services. After going through the methods listed below, the tutors can select the one suitable for them. So, let’s get started. 

Different Strategies Tutors Can Use in Tuition Classes

Teacher Centric Approach

The teacher-centred approach is the most common among tutors. As the name suggests, the centre of attention is the tutors, so the sessions revolve around them. They control and manage the students. It is suitable when the strength of the classes is more because multiple learners are hard to manage without this approach.

In this strategy, the teacher conveys the content to learners and makes sure that they stay attentive and disciplined, maintaining the decorum in the class. Moreover, the tutors track the learners and ensure they complete and submit the assigned tasks on time.

This method has some downsides. Firstly, the students may find the sessions boring if the tutors can’t engage them properly. Besides, this is an old teaching strategy. Consequently, the learners can’t think out of the box and lack practical knowledge.

Furthermore, the learners may hesitate to speak about their issues or doubts. Also, they have no exposure to collaborative learning because they don’t get the chance to discuss the topic with their peers and enhance their knowledge.

Student Centric Strategy

The students’ centred approach works on collaborative learning. The tutors’ role is to monitor and manage the learners when they perform various activities like group discussions, collaborative problem solving, group projects, etc. In this strategy, the main emphasis is on the students, unlike the tutor-centric one. 

It develops much-needed problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the learners because they deal with the problems on their own, under the tutor’s guidance. Moreover, this method is beneficial for the students as it helps them polish their communication and teamwork skills. 

The tutors give problems and questions to the learners. They work on them in groups and find specific solutions or answers. Afterward, the tutor makes them familiar with their mistakes and the areas they can improve. 

However, the shy or introverted students may not find this method suitable. So, the tutors have to encourage every student in the class and make sure that everyone shows participation in the respective tasks. This way, the tutors can ensure that all the learners get benefitted from this approach.

Flipped Classroom Method

The flipped classroom approach is different from the traditional tutoring strategies. Instead of starting to learn a topic in the class, the students read it in advance before the class. They go through the notes and books, trying to understand the concepts. Afterward, they discuss their doubts and queries with the tutors in the class, and work on questions and problems related to the particular topic. 

This way, the students can learn at a comfortable pace, save time, and deal with various topics on their own. Moreover, they have a certain clarity over the concepts before the classes. As a result, they can grasp the respective topics, effectively and efficiently. 

The tutors can provide the learners with online resources and videos related to the respective topic that they can watch before attending the sessions. Video content is more engaging for the learners than textbooks and notes. It helps students improve their academics as they are naturally interested in the subject. 

Questioning Model

Questioning is one of the most effective tutoring strategies. It involves asking questions to the students to check their understanding of a particular topic. It makes the learners aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, they can work on them to improve their academics. 

The tutors must avoid asking questions with a simple yes or no answer. Instead, they should raise questions that involve the learners explaining a particular topic or concept. This way, they get more clarity on the subject matter. 

This method is better as it avoids spoon-feeding the students. The learners are required to make efforts on their own, to learn the subject. When they explain a particular topic in front of the class, their understanding of the topic further strengthens. The more the students explain the concepts, the more they learn.

Kinesthetic Approach

The kinesthetic teaching method involves hands-on activities in the classroom that facilitate optimal learning for the students. The tutors plan various activities involving different props and objects to enhance the students’ learning experience. 

For instance, the tutors can deliver Maths tuition with the help of different geometrical-shaped objects such as prisms, cubes, etc. The learners will be automatically interested in the sessions and understand how things work rather than cramming the theoretical part.

Various tutors use this approach, especially for children, as they are easily distracted and prefer visual learning more than textbooks. Moreover, this strategy is a more relaxed and fun way of learning that maintains a light environment in the classroom and in tuition. 

Game-Based Strategy

Incorporating games and similar activities in the sessions is the easiest way to improve the learners’ academic performance. Nowadays, the student’s schedule is hectic as they have to manage so many tasks altogether. Game-based learning helps engage the students, avoiding boring and monotonous sessions.

With games, the students show more interest in the classes. For example, a learner might find it hard to answer the questions regularly asked by the tutors. But when they ask the same questions in a quiz contest format, the learners are involved more; and give their best, answering them. So, the tutors can use their own creative games to offer the best learning experience to the students. 

Summing Up

The above are the top strategies that the tutors can implement in the classes. For different tutors and students, the suitable teaching method may vary. Hence, the tutors must test different approaches and see which one works out the best tuition . 

What are your thoughts on these tutoring strategies? Please provide us with your opinion in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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