Valuable Insights into the Entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process

SEO Process

Today’s world necessitates being on the Internet. You need to have an online presence no matter whether you are an individual or a company for the SEO process. Having a digital presence can change your life in various aspects. Being digitally active on the Internet through websites brings better visibility, brand value, and reputation. Apart from this, companies can see an increase in sales, market share, customer base, and conversions. 

If you have a company website, you need to update it with the latest trends and designs to drive sales and revenue. Website optimization and everything can be done through SEO (search engine optimization) process. 

You can hire an SEO company in India or foreign depending on your budget to perform SEO for your website. Even though you are going to outsource the task, you should still have some knowledge about the SEO process. 

So today, we are going to give you insights into the whole optimization process.  

Topics that are going to be covered: 

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 
  • Types of SEO
  • Stages of SEO
  • Conclusion 

Let’s begin. 

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Its Process?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a mix of technical and non-technical strategies that you can use to rank your website organically on top results of search engines. Using SEO makes your site look attractive and helps you gain quality traffic that can be converted to leads. 

While working on the SEO process, you need to put the effort into diverse areas such as web designing, web development, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, brand building, etc. Further, you need to look into aspects such as product appearance, color themes, user interface, images, videos, audio quality, keywords, URL, etc. 

Improve and upgrade your SEO strategies to get high organic and unpaid traffic. Proper optimization will help you in ranking higher in search engines. You can create strategies based on the SEO types that you require for your website and business. So move ahead to know different SEO types to improve your SEO strategies. 

Types of SEO

Various SEO Process types are:  

  • On-page SEO: It is an optimization process where you optimize parts of the website that you can control.  
  • Off-page SEO: This SEO focuses on building authority through backlinks earned from websites.  
  • Mobile SEO: It refers to the process of website optimization taking care of website views on mobile devices. 
  • Technical SEO: It refers to website and server optimization as it helps search engines to crawl and index websites. 
  • Local SEO: It refers to the optimization that increases visibility locally i.e.’ in your locality. 
  • Ecommerce SEO: It refers to the process used to increase the visibility of your online store in the search engine results pages. 
  • Content SEO: It refers to creating content in a way that your website ranks high in the search engines. 

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You can choose any SEO service type that is most required for your business website. 

Stages of SEO Process

Every business has different SEO requirements depending on the stage at which you are currently operating. Here we have mentioned stages involved in SEO that you should go through if you want to use SEO for your business. Let’s discuss it.

  Fundamental Functions

Fundamental Functions

  • Various search engines such as Google, Reddit, etc., get millions of queries every day and these search engines use crawling and indexing to show search results matching with those queries. 
  • First, an extensive search takes place for each URL to match with the search query. After that indexing is done for organizing content and the index is prepared for display. Then ranking by search engines takes based on relevancy. This is how search engines work. 
  • SEO helps you to build authority and relevance so that search engines can index your site for ranking. 


Focus on Keywords 

  • Keywords play an important role in SEO as keywords are the phrases that searchers use to search their queries and search engines answer those queries with pages that have keyword-optimized informational content.
  • Keywords play a key role in getting page conversions. 
  • So, you should optimize content for search engines using relevant keywords that match the searchers’ interests and queries. 

Some SEO practices

  • You should use on-page SEO for your website optimization. On-page SEO deals with the website’s loading speed and content. 
  • The site’s loading speed should be optimized by compressing visuals. Also, your website content should have links to external and internal pages to gain backlinks. 
  • Apart from this, don’t forget the fact that search engines hate plagiarised content. 
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the technical SEO that deals with the site’s readability. This is also crucial as it will decide the user experience with your site and a positive experience will lead to higher revenue for the website.  


Things to consider after SEO  

  • After implementing SEO strategies, now it’s time to see the results of the implementation. 
  • You can determine optimization results using measurements such as conversions rates, pages per visit, scroll depth, bounce rate, click-through rate, time spent on reading, etc. 
  • If the results are convincing, then it’s well and good. But in case you are not satisfied with the results, then change your strategies and experiment. 


You have just gone through the whole process of SEO. The importance of SEO for your business is not hidden from you. SEO can help boost your business revenue in the long run by establishing authority, credibility and attracting quality traffic to the website. To reap the benefits of SEO process, you first need to know everything about SEO. SEO is of various types such as on-page, off-page, technical, etc. Focus on optimizing your site using all the SEO types. SEO works in stages so try to work accordingly to get maximum output from your efforts. Practices that you perform after SEO are crucial as it helps you to improve performance by modifying existing strategies.  

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