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Top 7 Romantic Flowers To Express Heartfelt Feelings


We are all aware of the charming qualities of flowers and their beautiful and meaningful symbolism. Similarly, love is something that can fill anyone’s life with joy and cheerfulness. Probably it is the best thing or expression that binds two people together. Here in this article, we will explore some of the best romantic flowers that will add significant value to your relationship and help you express your heartfelt feelings to your partner.

Romantic Flowers To Express Heartfelt Feelings

Flowers can convey your love and care to the one you wish them with flowers. Nothing can match flowers, as they are so pure and have a perfect symbolism for expressing love. If you have a relationship with someone and planning to start your love journey together, these flowers will keep adding love to your relationship. Also, you can use online flower delivery platforms if your partner is residing in a farther place. So, let’s move forward and explore the top 7 romantic flowers.


The king of flowers is, of course, roses. There’s no confusion or uncertainty about the meaning they carry. Since historical times, roses have been known for expressing love. Here we are specifically talking about red roses. The best thing about these flowers is you can find them anywhere without much effort, and one can easily grab a bouquet made out of them and present it to the person they love. People living in the different parts of India can send them to their loved ones with online flower delivery in Mumbai and other cities through gifting portals.

Red Carnations

The next fower in this list is red carnations which are the perfect alternative to express love. They are considered to be one of the most romantic flowers that one can give to their beloved. Mostly people prefer to go for red roses. However, red carnations also symbolize deep love and passion for it.

Red Tulips

One of the most charming flowers, which resembles a bell, is next on the list of our most romantic flowers. Tulips are beautiful, and whoever receives them fills their heart with love. Gifting tulips to the one you love is the best way to show that your feelings are true and come from the core of your heart. Let the person fall in love with you by sending them an enchanting bouquet of red tulips.


The flower Freesia is named after German botanist Friedrich Freese. Their alluring beauty is just breathtaking, and the uniquely sweet and citrusy fragrance is truly irresistible. They symbolize conveying your complete trust in someone you gift these flowers, making them stand perfectly in our top 7 list of romantic flowers.


This delicate yet stunningly beautiful flower makes any bouquet look fabulous. Orchids represent love, passion, and desire, while their elegance symbolizes innocence and beauty. They can combine with any other flower on our list, while their individual bouquet sparks the beauty of these flowers. Their exotic look and charming symbolism jointly make a special romantic gift for anyone you love.


Ranunculus is known as buttercup, water crowfoots, and spearworts. The ranunculus asiaticus, a cultivated form of the specie, may confuse you with its look as they look similar to roses. Apart from the similarity, these flowers are known for signifying charm and attraction. If you admire someone and wish to express love, these flowers can help you convey your genuine feelings to the one. Though the cultivated form may not be available everywhere, if you find them in your nearby florist store, you can pick them up for your bouquet.

Pink Lilies

Pink lilies are a sure charmer, and they come in two different forms if you wish to use them for gifting. Oriental and Asiatic pink lilies are widely used for the gift-giving purpose as they signify love, compassion, and admiration. If you want to express your affection towards someone, pink lilies are the best for your expression of love. And when coupled with some red roses in a bouquet, nothing can beat their charisma. 

These seven flowers are at the top that stands tall in our list of romantic flowers. We hope this information comes in handy when you plan to express your love to someone.



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