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Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Appetite


The natural urge for one to eat food is called appetite. Food is vital for one’s overall health. Therefore, not eating at all Appetite or poor eating habits could be that the person’s appetite is poor. Sadly, lack of appetite may affect one’s health.    

Some things may trigger poor appetite, and one can take steps to get this off the way. Sometimes it could be medication, mental condition, or diet that causes a lack of appetite. If one can detect the primary cause, finding a solution to the problem may be more accessible. 

Regardless of what the cause may be, in this article, you will learn five powerful ways to boost your appetite, as discussed below:


THC is the psychoactive compound that triggers weed’s “high,” which is proven to boost appetite. At times, people make this a reason for taking cannabis; to make them hungry. 

Delta 8 THC effectively boosts appetite; you can also check high quality Delta 8 THC concentrates products to buy

THC’s effect on appetite can be traced to its ability to boost ghrelin, which fuels the feeling of hunger. This happens even if your stomach is not empty. Besides, weed engages the part of the brain in charge of hunger so that it can stimulate your appetite. 

Also, THC improves dopamine, the famous feel-good hormone which increases the pleasure you get from eating. Appetite, THC can boost the sense of smell and taste so that people get more inclined to what they want to eat. 

Buy Your Favorite Foods.

Everyone has their favorite foods. So, do you also have one? It could be ramen or even pizza. 

Whether you are hungry or not, certain foods you can’t ignore if they are available at home. You should never lack those foods in your kitchen, especially when you have a low appetite. 

On the other hand, you may consider ordering them if you don’t feel like going to the grocery store. You may also ask a friend or family member to help you make the food or contact them for you.  

If you are not on a budget and don’t have the time to cook food or have anyone who can help, you may consider home delivery of your favorite food. This will help you eat even when you don’t feel like it. 

Practice Portion Control

Portion control is not only for people watching their weight. If you want to improve your appetite, this method will help you. 

Portion control is simply dishing a smaller quantity of food instead of filling up the plate to brim at once. One can portion a full meal plate into three to make it non-challenging to eat.   

When your appetite gets better, you can reduce the portion to two instead of three meals then decrease it as your appetite goes back to normal. Also, you may add more ingredients to each portion to make the food attractive. 

Besides that, adding more valuable ingredients can help you get more nutrients and calories beneficial to your health. Vegetables, fruits, and cheese are a few of the ingredients you can start adding to your meal.   

Add Spices

Do you know that there is more to spices than improving food taste? If you don’t like spices or you don’t know they can boost your appetite, you are about to find out a secret.

Sometimes, bloating or abdominal fullness lessens one’s urge to eat. In that situation, spices such as thyme, cinnamon, peppermint, black pepper, and the like can solve bloating by digesting the food faster. As a result, appetite increases, and one finds it less troublesome to eat anything that appeals to them. 

Next time when making your meal, you may add oregano, cinnamon, black pepper, or peppermint to your food; these spices are well-known for aiding digestion or treating bloating. You may sprinkle cinnamon on buttered toast or baked foods. Also, you can mix some black pepper, thyme, oregano and add them to dishes. You may do this often to boost your appetite before Health Share Plan.   

Go Slow On Water

Water has numerous benefits it offers humankind. Water is necessary to keep us hydrated; it regulates temperature in the body, flushes body waste, and more. Most importantly, water aids digestion, making one’s appetite get better.

While bloating or indigestion can reduce one’s interest in food, water can also be a simple solution. Hence, it’s good to take water between meals. However, the water intake should be minimal to avoid getting filled up on time. Take a few sips of water in-between meals! 


It’s not strange to experience a poor appetite once in a while because the body system changes based on certain factors. Specifically, it is very typical for pregnant women to experience this; they only need to talk to their doctors for advice on coping or solving the problem. Usually, the above points and others, such as exercising, can boost one’s appetite for food, staying healthy. 

In addition, liquid meals such as smoothies mixed with protein or nut butter may also be helpful in this situation.

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