Top 5 Most Popular Sports In The World


Sports competitions have been held since ancient times. They have always aroused the interest of the audience. Today there are many different sports, each of which has its fans and spectators. But there are also those who gather a large number of people at the stadiums and on the TV screens.


It is the absolute leader in popularity around the world. This game is most widespread in Europe. Football competitions for men and women are included in the program of the Olympic Games, and championships of various levels in this sport are also held. Ball games, similar to modern football, have been known since the Middle Ages.

However, it is generally recognized in the world that England is the birthplace of this sport. In this country, in the middle of the 19th century, the first matches were held and the first football club arose. Today, millions of fans around the world follow world championships, and many famous football players are considered the highest-paid athletes.


Basketball is a team game, the purpose of which is to shoot the ball into the opponents’ basket. The United States is considered the homeland of basketball, but the game quickly gained popularity around the world. Today in America, this sport is one of the most rated. The basketball sports league generates revenue in excess of five billion dollars annually.

This game is also popular in other countries, such as China, Russia, Italy, Argentina, France, and others. In addition, today basketball is considered the fastest growing sport, this applies both to the number of fans and the number of teams, as well as to the income received from it. If you like this game, you can buy basketball jerseys online.


This sport “gave” the world many athletes known throughout the world, and the number of its fans exceeds a billion. Tennis courts can be played with different surfaces: carpets, clay, grass, etc. Competitions are usually held on special courts. Tennis requires good physical preparation, endurance and endurance, as well as the ability to analyze and quick reactions.

Initially, this sport was called “lawn tennis”, and it became widely known in the nineteenth century. Tennis tournaments are held both separately and as part of the Olympic Games. The most prestigious competition in this sport is the Wimbledon tournament.


This sport is especially popular in Nordic countries. It appeared quite a long time ago and includes about twenty disciplines: downhill, slalom, racing, biathlon, and others. Most of them are included in the Winter Olympic Games. One of the main ski disciplines is race. It can be held in the form of a sprint (i.e. a short distance race), a team sprint, a pursuit race, and a relay race. Biathlon is one of the most interesting and spectacular skiing sports. In fact, it is a competition of athletes in the speed of movement and accuracy of shooting. In addition, each miss adds a penalty loop or penalty time. Of particular note are skiing sports. They are spectacular and include downhill skiing, ski jumping, slalom, and freestyle.

Formula 1 Racing

Auto racing appeared almost immediately after the advent of the cars themselves. Today, there are many different racing competitions in the world, but the most famous and popular of them is Formula 1. It is a series of circuit races on special fireballs.

Competitions are held in special stadiums from spring to late autumn. The racing season consists of 20 stages held in different countries. It is worth noting that Formula 1 is considered one of the most profitable sports. According to experts, the annual income is about two billion dollars.

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