Top 5 Data Recovery Service Providers in Singapore

Data Recovery Service

Data that is accidentally formatted or deleted still exists on the hard drives. The fact is, deleted files only free up the storage where it was saved. Hence, it is possible to retrieve Data Recovery service from storage devices.

Well, specially trained professionals can provide the best hard disk data recovery solutions with the highest success rate. The only concern is to find a reliable and experienced company. 

Anyway, are you a resident of Singapore and looking for the right data restoring services? We have got you covered! 

Below we have created a list of the best 5 data recovery service providers in Singapore.

Best 5 Data Recovery Service Providers In Singapore

CBL Data Recovery

CBL Data Recovery is one of the best data retrieving service providers that offer high success rates.They provide the best data recovery services in Singapore, and also offer the highest quality of customer support in. The experts offer data restoration from portable media like SSD, hard drives, SD Cards, and Thumb drives. Furthermore, their experts can retrieve data from more extensive storage like NAS, Servers, and RAID Array. Not only this, CBL professionals can recover data from encrypted SSDs and hard drives.

CBL has decades of industry experience as it came into service in 1993. So, CBL experts have dealt with many damaged storage drives, which is why customers get guaranteed recovery services. Moreover, their engineers have to serve the fastest data recovery solution to numerous clients and help them get back data.


Data security: CBL assures clients’ data security and privacy. They ensure that confidential data will be handled with utmost care. Also, the client received a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when they got back their storage media. Further, Singapore’s best data recovery service provider doesn’t retain a duplicate of their client data and deletes all data from their servers.

Highest success rate: Their engineers have a track record of a 90% success rate in recovering data from storage drives.

Fast service: For instance, you lose confidential data a few hours before an important meeting. And the consequence could be risky for your business. In this situation, CBL Data Recovery even provides urgent data recovery services.

Services Offered

  • Hard Disks Recovery
  • Encrypted Disks Recovery
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) Recovery
  • RAID, NAS & Server Recovery
  • Laptop, Notebook, PC Recovery
  • Apple MacBook and iMac recovery
  • Thumb Drives and SD Card
  • All-in-One PC and Desktop

Greenergy Data Recovery

Greenergy Data Recovery service providers have more than two decades of experience. This company offers top-class hard disk data recovery as well as server, RAID, and mobile data restoring solutions. Well, their highly trained engineers can work on other devices too. Whether a data loss is caused by malware or an accident, the experts can provide the fastest solution.


Affordable: You will get reliability and quality at an affordable price with Greenergy. Also, they have a highly skilled technician that gives solutions to every data recovery problem.

Proficient team: Greenergy Data Recovery focuses on recruiting proficient employees. To avoid any inconvenience, they hire employees after a skill test.

Free delivery and pickups: Greenergy offers a full-proof solution to save clients’ time. They provide free pick up from the address as well as delivery after retrieving your data.

Support throughout the process: The staff keeps the customer updated about the work status. Furthermore, they provide complete transparency and make data safe in their hands.

Service Offered

  • SAN and NAS data recovery
  • Flash drive data recovery
  • Hard disk drive data recovery
  • Server data recovery
  • RAID data recovery
  • Mobile data recovery

Data Savers

Data Savers service providers offer the highest success rate in recovering data. Their engineers are capable of restoring files from all types of phones, hard drives, and memory cards.


No recovery, no fees: The best part about Data Savers is they provide a “no data, no charge” policy. It means if they are unable to restore data, the company will not charge fees from clients.

Affordable: Data Savers is the most cost-effective data recovery service in the Singapore region and nearby areas. Also, they offer complete transparency to their clients.

Free evaluation: They can help by verifying the problem with your storage media, and that is free of cost. So, clients don’t have to pay for just a simple evaluation. Data Saver will not charge you for evaluating the device.

Services offered

  • iPhone, Android mobile phones data recovery
  • NAS (Network Access Storages) data recovery
  • ZIP, JAZ, and memory cards data recovery
  • RAID configured multi drives arrays data recovery
  • CD, DVD data recovery
  • Drobo, GoPro, SAN Storage data recovery
  • Tape recovery
  • Hard disk drive data recovery
  • Laptop/desktop data recovery
  • Solid-state drives (SSD) data recovery
  • Server data recovery
  • Digital photos / operating system / data files recovery
  • Oracle and SQL recovery
  • Database recovery
  • Virtual Machine (VMWare) recovery
  • Email recovery

Accplus Technologies

Accplus Technologies is one of the most reliable companies in Singapore. They are the best known for modern diagnosis tools. Further, their team can assess the client’s gadget and a price quote quickly. Also, proficient technicians can deal with all types of data recovery problems.


Advanced tools: Accuplus Technologies uses the latest tools for hard disk data recovery services. They are equipped with numerous options to ensure safe and secure data recovery.

Quick verdicts: The best part is with this company; you don’t have to wait days and weeks for a simple analysis. Their engineers can offer quick verdicts. Further, the technicians will take a few minutes to tell you the data recovery possibilities.

Security of data: Accuplus Technologies is equipped with qualified engineers. They are well-trained to follow ethical standards and ensure complete data confidentiality.

Services Offered

  • Emails recovery
  • Mobile phones recovery
  • Hard disk recovery
  • Password recovery
  • Thumb drives, SD cards, and flash drives recovery

Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre

Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre is one of the best companies that help in getting back your data. It includes your PC, tablets, mobile phone, laptops, etc. Their team is popular for its expertise in hard disk data recovery services.


Data privacy: They consider client data privacy as a major factor. Personal data security becomes the main concern if you hand over your gadget to a company. Hence, here you get 100% security of data privacy.

Fast turn-around: The Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre ensures that waiting time should be less. Also, their experts provide a quick evaluation and quote in just a few hours.

One-stop solution: Experts offer data recovery from almost every digital device in this company. So, you don’t have to worry about data loss from a particular gadget.

Services Offered

  • SD card data recovery services
  • Solid-state disk data recovery services
  • Laptop data recovery services
  • RAID data recovery services
  • Complex disk data recovery services
  • Network-attached storage recovery services
  • Mobile phones data recovery services
  • USB and flash drive data recovery services


Well, this article consists of all the important information you must know about the data retrieving centres. Above, we have mentioned special qualities and assistance offered by data recovery services in Singapore region. Now, you would be able to choose the best one as per your requirements. 

All the best!

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