Top 10 Things That Make a Child Happy


One of the main concerns of parents to raising happy children starts even before they are born. Many parents hesitate to buy their children too many toys, take them on a trip at an early age, enroll them in art or sports classes, etc. A very important thing to remember is that sometimes we forget that children see the world in a much simpler way than we do. Therefore, making them happy isn’t so difficult. For instance, a child will experience joy and excitement when they receive a 24 inch teddy bear as a gift from you. So, little things do make them feel joyful and happy. Check out these ten things that will surely make your child happy.

A Close-Up Look At Animals

Since most of the stories children know and the cartoons they watch revolve around animals, it is no surprise that they are fans of them. Even at home, children imitate animal sounds, which is why seeing them live and close up causes them such a lot of emotions like excitement, happiness, and joy. Also, little children are not afraid of animals like adults do. So, you can take your child to the zoo and can also give them some stuffed animals. The stuffed animal will make their trip more joyful and exciting for them.  

Listening Stories

Fantasy is naturally appealing to children, and their imagination is limitless! Simple stories and songs are their favorite. Moreover, we don’t know that they see themselves reflected in the stories and can discover the world around them by listening to them. Tell them some stories with morals that relate to life. The stories will entertain them while teaching them valuable life lessons. The best thing you can do for them is to buy some famous story books and audiobooks. They will feel ecstatic and excited after receiving this. 

Entertainment Shows and Events

Seeing shows, rituals, and dances where people wear typical costumes is impressive for children. They feel as if they are seeing their favorite characters come to life. The excitement will last for a long time, and they will keep talking about it. Playing other people’s roles and dressing up gives them a sense of creativity and fantasy. You could take your child to a show where he could see his favorite characters. The excitement and happiness they will experience will be priceless. Alternatively, if you are not taking your child out, give him a trunk with clothes so he can play different roles.

Travel To New Places 

Exploring is good for children. It is always exciting for small kids to move around, explore, see, and touch everything they can. Their senses and bodies help them discover the world. Take your child to places where he will learn how things work, what they look like inside, and how they are made if you want him to be happy. In the first three years of a child’s life, he is likely to be interested in everything, especially if it’s something new. Taking him to places where he can see colors, textures, and shapes different from those at home will allow him to marvel at the world around him. While traveling, you can provide your children comfort with a heart pillow

Water Plays 

Almost every child has experienced playing in the bath, the pool, or just jumping in puddles. Water is one of the favorite things for children. Children can fill balloons with water and organize “battles,” shoot water guns at “enemies,” or play with the hose during watering. Play with your children at beaches, cenotes, or anywhere they can enjoy the sensation of water. You will give them more than just a fun time, you will introduce them to nature, and you will be able to raise their environmental awareness.

Offer Them Sweets

Sometimes all it takes to make a child happy is something sweet. During the growth stage, children expend a great deal of energy, which is why their bodies need to consume more sugar-containing foods to provide energy. So, from time to time, give them natural fruit juices, chocolate ice creams, jellies, or desserts. Making something together or serving it in a creative way will double the fun.

Gift Them Stuffed Toys 

It is universally known that children love stuffed animals, including teddy bears. Get your child a big 24 inch teddy bear in his favorite color. As a result, they will be twice as happy. A stuffed koala or a bear with some quotes like “I love you” would also make a good gift. Teddy bears help your children grow and stimulate their minds. Teddy bears are a must-have for your child.

To Get Dirty 

Crafts and experiments are a great way to have fun and learn for your child. Ideally, it should include bright colors, paint, and a lot of glue so they can dirty their entire bodies. The more chances they have to get dirty, the happier they are. A play park with mud, bubbles, sand or anything else that can get dirty will give them hours of fun.

Closing Words 

Above all are the few things which you can do for your child. Your child will feel happy after that. Giving them toys and taking them out will make the experience fun, laughter, and joy. It will also help them in their mental and physical stimulation. We can assure you that children are most happy when they feel loved and accepted by their parents and when they are in their company, with your attention, respect, confidence, and security.

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