This Season Make a Statement with Exquisite Rings


Every woman loves a good manicure, but that is not enough to make your hands stand out. You must have some beautiful rings to make your hands look stunning! After all, no look is complete without some gorgeous rings adorning your fingers, whether you are going to the office or a special event.

There are a number of places you can shop for stylish rings, but if you are looking for the best designs, you should go to Mia by Tanishq. Their large range of statement rings is perfect if you want to add some gorgeous rings to your jewellery collection and make your style endearing.

Depending on your particular tastes and the colours you wear daily, you may choose between gold or silver rings. Going with silver and diamond rings might be preferred if your regular wardrobe is composed of cool tones like blues, greens, and greys. 

On the other hand, gold rings are the way to go if you like to wear warmer colours like yellows and reds! There are several ways rings you can choose from to complement your attire perfectly, and if you’re seeking some ideas, read on.

Here are some ring designs from Mia by Tanishq to get your shopping started!

Unquestionably Pearlicious

ringThis yellow gold ring features a stunning pearl in the centre, making it one of the most distinctive solitaire ring for ladies. This geometric pattern is even more interesting as it includes a pearl amid a complex pattern of interconnecting rhombuses.

The interaction of the diamonds and pearls on this solitaire ring for ladies gives off an extremely magnificent mood that can boost even a modest ensemble. It also has diamond-studded throughout the design.

Emerald Proclamation

ringThis ring is perfect for anyone who enjoys being the centre of attention. This emerald green ring has a burnished gold band and floral accents. Two prongs with priceless emerald stones hold the flower designs.

Because this ring would instantly enhance your appearance and provide bling to complement your attire, you could keep your ensemble basic with only a solid-colored shirt and pair of jeans.


Gold-Rose Hearts

ringEven though hearts are one of the most popular patterns in precious jewellery, they are rarely seen in solitaire ring for women. This design is ideal for you if you enjoy wearing jewellery with heart shaped designs.

Two hearts make up this solitaire ring for ladies; one is made of the same rose-gold metal as the ring, and the other has brilliant-cut diamonds set inside of it. The ring shows off a little extra panache thanks to the dual colours.

This modern jewellery style is ideal for wearing with your regular attire. The straightforward style of this solitaire ring for ladies will go well with your regular workplace attire without overpowering the outfit.

Gold or Silver, It’s Time to Find the Best Rings

Finding gold diamond rings is not difficult, but it might be challenging to locate elegant and high-quality rings in the market. Even though many stores claim to sell genuine diamond and gold jewellery, some of it may actually be phoney. You must only purchase gold diamond rings from reputable manufacturers if you want to make sure your jewellery investment is getting the value it deserves.

Mia by Tanishq is a fantastic jeweller for purchasing precious rings since they provide a huge selection of rings with various styles and gorgeous patterns. After viewing their selection, you will undoubtedly want to purchase one of these stunning rings.

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