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The Importance Of Physical Therapy After Pedestrian Accident


The road to recovery after an accident is a difficult and tedious one for all victims. It requires an entire village and support of all kinds; emotional, mental, and above all Physical Therapy. The scale of the injury after an accident, depends on the type of the accident, what caused it and how quickly the injuries were provided medical attention, and so on.

Usually, major accidents require surgery, and a few basic steps for recovery are the same, however, some parts of aftercare differ on the basis of the surgery that has been performed. The most common type of accident to happen is pedestrian.

In The United States alone, 1 out of 4 pedestrians meets with accidents every day. One of the most important keys to recovery after surgery is physiotherapy. The art of physiotherapy is not a relatively new one, in fact, physical therapy or physiotherapy is a medical form of healing that has been around since the early 1600s.

The Hindu Vedic scriptures have claimed physiotherapy to be one of the effective and natural forms of healing. It is a form of healing that has been used since the earliest of times, not only in Asian countries but also across the world.

There have been many scriptures written on the importance of physical therapy. The most important of them all, however, have to be the Hindu Vedic scriptures that explain the process in detail. Even in modern times, the importance of physiotherapy or Physical Therapy After Pedestrian Accident is one that has been promised by doctors all around the world.

Pedestrian accident injuries can have a disastrous impact not only on one’s health but the mind too. The traumatic experience associated with pedestrian accident injury could act as a potential health and safety risk to the victim. Recent research has disclosed that every 6 minutes a pedestrian gets injured in an accident. The major drawback with pedestrians is that they are not protected from other moving cyclists and vehicles. If in case of a major accident involving pedestrians then they are the ones who suffer the most

There are many researchers and evidence to suggest that pedestrian accident injury mostly occurs in lower limbs, the probability is much less than in the case of head/neck and arms and the intensity of the injury is much more than the thoracic ailments. The aggregate of such injuries if not attended to on time could cause untimely deaths of many who suffer.

Irrespective of the severity of the pedestrian accident injury the professionals consisting of a team of both orthopedic doctors and chiropractors will diagnose the condition and come up with an appropriate treatment plan to be administered to restore the health and normal mobility of the patient.

Given the ironic facts concerning pedestrian accident injuries and the available recourse to deal with them still, the accident injuries keep on happening as witnessed in recent times. It is imminent for anybody suffering from chronic accident injury to take medical assistance urgently

Why is physiotherapy important and how does it help with recovery?

Surgery in itself is one of the most complicated procedures. The fact that surgery is used as a metaphor for any complicated task, should be enough to describe how difficult it truly is. However post-surgery rehabilitation, in itself is one of the biggest fears of doctors. Without proper aftercare, all the efforts a doctor, made during surgery can fail. In case of any pedestrian accident, the number of surgeries and the body part they have to be performed on, vary and depend on the gravity of the injuries. Even after the most minor of surgeries, physiotherapy is important.

Physical therapy after a pedestrian accident

It is important because it helps a person’s body recover from the effects of anesthesia. It is this physical therapy only that helps to get the blood flowing in a person’s body. Physiotherapy, happens in various stages, pushing a very fragile and vulnerable body, into parts. It is usually started, immediately after surgery, to avoid the patient throwing blood clots. Another major advantage of physiotherapy and the reason why doctors and surgeons swear by it is because of the fact that it helps a patient get back on their feet faster than ever.

Surgery is, without a doubt a very complicated and scary procedure for patients and victims of accidents, but it is equally scary for the doctors performing it because they realize the true risks and are aware that even the slightest nick of the scalpel can end the life of the patient on the table.

It is for this reason only that all doctors proceed with the utmost caution. It is also advised that before patients opt for surgery, they themselves with all the required care and educate themselves on the possible pros and cons. The same is advised for after-surgery care as well. It is very important that patients and their families follow up on proper after-care so as to make sure that nothing goes wrong and the effects and hard work of the doctors, during surgery are not wasted.

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