The Definitive Guide To Picking The Perfect Motherboard


You want to pick a perfect motherboard. A motherboard that works best in every situation and provides greater output. If that’s the case, you have landed on the right page. Numerous guides related to motherboards are available on the web. But people don’t get the proper guidelines. Some people don’t even read the article and complain, while others are misguided.

But this article will not misguide you. Don’t leave this page without reading this article if you want a powerful motherboard. When you read this article word after word, you will understand the whole process. If you are serious about finding the best motherboards, PC Folks should be your next land. This website writes essays on Motherboards, CPU Coolers, RAM, and Graphics Cards, so improve your knowledge if you are fond of reading extensive articles.

So back to our article, we provide the best guide for picking the perfect motherboards. If you read this entire article, you will never face problems. So please don’t skip the text from anywhere, and let’s start our guide. We have arranged 1 bonus for you. We will reveal that bonus in the end, but first, let me reveal the necessary things to pick the perfect motherboards for components installation.

What is a Perfect Motherboard?

Before explaining the process, I’d like to tell you what the best gaming motherboard is? Like, how would you identify the perfect motherboard? What are the terms and conditions which make a motherboard perfect? Well, a good motherboard has the following characteristics:

  1. It has the latest Chipset and Socket.
  2. It has the latest Bluetooth and WiFi.
  3. It has heatsinks on M.2 Slots and Chipset.
  4. It has more PCI Slots having the latest PCI Express Revision.
  5. It has the latest USB Ports of Gen 1 and 2, including a Type-C Port.
  6. Its VRM Panel is powerful and provides durable power to your motherboard’s components.

A motherboard has these 6 things. It’s a perfect motherboard because it has all the newest components. So that’s what a perfect motherboard is and the second question I will answer is finding the perfect motherboard.

How To Pick a Perfect Motherboard?

Picking a perfect motherboard is very easy. You need to follow my guide to find one for yourself. When you follow this guide, you’ll find super cheap and more potent motherboards while working. So let me reveal the things, and at last, I will give a bonus, so don’t miss that bonus.

Chipset and Socket

Chipsets and Sockets are two different things, but I would like to mention them in one place because both are very important. First, my discussion will be on Socket.

The Socket is the first thing that holds your CPU. Your motherboard runs through the CPU. If you haven’t installed a CPU, your other components are useless. So to install your CPU, you need to have a socket. A Socket powerful enough to hold multiple CPUs and deliver the output you request. Every motherboard has a different socket, and each Socket’s power is identified through its label.

LGA 1700 is the latest Socket in Intel, whose power can control the 12th Gen Intel CPUs. And in AMD, AM4 is the latest Socket on which you can even install a Ryzen Threadripper CPU or Processor. When you have decided to install an Intel CPU, Intel Core i9-12900K, then LGA 1700 is the best Socket. You can select AM4 when your mind allows you to install an AMD Ryzen CPU.

Chipset’s work is like a real estate agent and a broker. It helps transfer data or instruction from one place to another. Fast chipsets can deliver data fast, and older chipsets will take to execute your instructions. Having the newest Chipset can help you execute your instructions fast. To identify the Chipset, you need to read its details from popular websites like PC Mag and Tech Radar. Having a cooling fan on the Chipset is another plus point.

Bluetooth and WiFi

When a manufacturer manufactures the motherboard, he adds all the things, but when he adds Bluetooth and WiFi, he is not leaving a single thing below. So when your motherboard has these 2 things, it means it has every other feature included.

Also, this Bluetooth and WiFi help a lot. When sitting far from your internet router, you can use this motherboard’s WiFi to gain access. But which Bluetooth and WiFi are the latest? In Bluetooth, BT (Bluetooth) 5.0 is perfect, and in WiFi, WiFi 6 is the perfect WiFi with 2.4 Gbps of maximum speed. So don’t forget to look at 2 things when picking a motherboard for yourself.

Heatsinks on M.2 Slots and Chipset

I’ve already mentioned that having a heatsink on M.2 Slots is good, but Chipset also comes with it. Your Chipset is the thing to transfer data or instruction. It works continuously every time your motherboard is in power. So why don’t you have a heatsink on the Chipset? Motherboards having heatsinks on Chipset adds a positive impact on performance.

On the other hand, M.2 NVMe SSDs store your data. These storage drives are responsible for your data, but they will get heat if they don’t have heatsinks. To avoid this heat, you need to pick a motherboard having heatsinks on M.2 Slots.

Latest USB Ports

When your motherboard has a single C-Type port, it can do the things you never thought of. A single C-Type USB Port can attach 2 4K Display Monitors. Dual 4K Monitors aren’t a small thing, but a C-Type USB Port has the power to do this.

So when you are looking for a motherboard’s USB section, you must try to find at least 1 USB C-Port. It will help you transfer data at a fast speed. This single port can provide 40 Gbps of transfer speed while transferring data. So what more do you want when you have a single port like that?


So these were the things that make a motherboard working perfect. If your motherboard has these things, you can call it a perfect motherboard. But if it lacks these things, you can’t call it perfect. So be careful when selecting a motherboard. If your motherboard misses these features, you’ll regret it. So that’s it, guys. If you have any queries, quickly drop them off to get the best answers.

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