The Complete 5-Step Guide to Kick Off Your Catering Business


Before you can even think about getting the title of the best catering services in Toronto, you’ll first have to think about how to kick off your catering business successfully. After all, catering businesses can be very tricky to run since there are a lot out there who have established their names in the industry. If you’re the best at cooking, or maybe you’re the best at running a business, it’ll never be enough to just have one. Catering services need both culinary skills and the business mindset.

Here are 5-Step Guide to Start Catering Business

One of the greatest advantages of a catering services business is that business and clients will always be available. That’s because everyone needs food. Where people are, there will always be a need for food. Check out 5 steps to help you kick off your catering business successfully.

  • Organize Everything

Organize Everything

From the available budget to the location, and clientele, these are just some things you have to start thinking about. Start on your business plan. Business plans help you get on track with the start of your business. If you’re quite unsure where the start with your business plan, try checking out some ready-made templates online.

  • Complete the Registration of Your Business

For every province, there could be different regulations and laws regarding the registration of businesses. This step should include, getting a business permit as well as paying the taxes due. For this step, it is highly recommended that you get a professional to help you out. You could always engage the services of accountants to help you with the necessary filing and keeping track of all the expenses. You’ve got to get these things ready on time so it won’t cause you issues in the future. If, for instance, the last accountant you had for your tax refunds was in Malta because you had business there, this time, you’ll need someone more local and someone who knows well the laws of the province.

  • Ready Everything You’ll Need

Once you get the business plan and start acting on it, and when you have completed registration, you should start thinking about the equipment you’ll need. Catering services need to have everything ready before they start accepting client orders so all expenses can be accounted for, and also really so you don’t overspend. Make sure to get everything ready. Things that you’ll need for cooking, serving, and storing food should all be complete before officially opening. This step also includes hiring the staff you need. Remember to get people you can trust at all times. Last, you’ll have to think about how you’ll be transporting the food and your crew. Consider all of these things for step 3.

  • Set Up Your Website

Set Up Your Website

Nowadays, almost everyone is going online. So you’ll have to be available there as well. Set up your website so clients can easily find your information and contact you. Design it and provide the necessary information as if the clients are talking to you. For instance, if you have clients from Ontario offering security guard licenses and training, you’ll have to make sure as well that you’ll be able to provide them with a list of services or menus that they might like. Never let a client ask twice or look for information elsewhere. Have the right information at the ready on your website at all times.

  • Start Marketing

No matter how great your menu is, or how awesome your crew is, if you don’t market, people will never know you. Market your business on social media, or even print advertising so you can get more clients to know more about your services. Also, you have to remember that advertising and marketing don’t always mean spending. Try joining catering networks and having your family and friends talk and post about you so the word can get out about what you have to offer.

Always follow the 5 steps provided above so you can get started on running your catering business without worrying about anything you might have missed. Running a business can be difficult and there may be many things you’ll have to think about. But always remember that making plans and being prepared for them at all times can help save you time and money at all times.


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