Techniques Used in Lip Filling

Lip Filling

Lip augmentation, which allows to achieve symmetrical and full lips, is known as the most preferred aesthetic application of recent times. In some cases, an undesirable appearance may occur in the lip part. Lip filling, which enables the lips to be shaped, provides a fuller appearance to the inner part of the lips and their surroundings.

Filling materials used within the scope of lip augmentation are injected into the relevant part of the lip. The filler adds volume to the lip and makes the lip look much more refined. It is known that different methods are used in lip augmentation. The success rate of lip augmentation is increased by adding new methods day by day.

The most important determinant in the method used in lip augmentation is the patient himself. For this reason, in the examinations made before the application, it is learned which method the patient requests. For a successful application, the best method for the lip should be determined as well as the patients’ demands. Thus, much more successful results can be obtained. So how is lip augmentation done, what are the methods used in lip augmentation?

Which Techniques Are Used in Lip Filling?

Lip filling is a preferred application in order to create a voluminous and aesthetic appearance in the lip part. Generally, lip augmentation is preferred because an undesirable appearance occurs in the lip part. Lip filling tries to achieve success in lip augmentation by using different techniques within the scope of the application. At this point, it is possible to state that innovative techniques have an important place in success.

There are some points to be considered for a successful application. It is possible to list these issues in general terms as follows:

  • The aging processes of the aesthetic units around the face and mouth should be  carefully evaluated.
  •  Aesthetic parts on the lips should be evaluated.
  •  The anatomical structure of the lip should be carefully examined.

Each issue has an important place in lip augmentation. In addition to these, it is seen that the smile aesthetic of the lip is evaluated within the scope of lip filling performed by the Milano Klinik. Each aspect makes it possible to achieve the best lip structure.

In addition to these, we can say that there are 3 areas targeted in lip augmentation. These areas can be listed as follows:

  •  Lip Profile
  •  Lip Volume
  •  Projection of the Lip

A meticulous study is carried out for the targeted areas. Thus, success is achieved in lip augmentation. So how is lip augmentation done, what are the steps that stand out in this regard?

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How is Lip Filling Done?

In lip augmentation, it is very important to follow the determined steps meticulously and in order. First of all, facial anatomy should be determined in the best way. Otherwise, it may be difficult to achieve the desired appearance on the lip part. Before the lip augmentation, the process is started by taking a photograph of the lip part. Then, anaesthesia is applied and the feeling of pain is prevented during the procedure.

1 ml lip filler, which is created in a personalized way, is injected into the designated area by injection. Injection is a very short process. Generally, the filling material is injected under the skin within 10 minutes.

At the end of the procedure, the patient can return to his social life in a short time. Because the procedure takes a very short time and complications such as bruising and bleeding are not seen after the application. Generally, lip augmentation is applied to add volume to the lip area. In addition, the asymmetry in the lip is corrected with application.

It is known that the permanence period in lip augmentation is generally 1 year. Generally, after 1 year, it is seen that the used fillers are absorbed by the body. However, the lip returns to its pre-application state.

Lip augmentation, which has been frequently preferred recently, gives a voluminous look to the lips. However, a meticulous process is very important in lip augmentation. Failure to act in accordance with the determined process steps may cause undesirable appearances on the lips. For this reason, it is very important that the application is carried out by experts in the field.

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