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Spotify is an audio, podcast, and video streaming application that allows you to access millions of songs from all over the globe in seconds. Playing music is free, but if you want to enjoy the full functionality of app, then you must upgrade to Spotify premium apk. Spotify can install on nearly all devices like computers, tablets, phones, cars, TV, etc. But you can’t export the song out of the application because Spotify doesn’t have the license for this. 

Why Mod apk when we have a free version?

The free version of Spotify is limited to basic features, but if you want to use some essential features like random play, repeat, high-quality songs then you have to convert your account from a free to Mod version. Let’s see which features are included in the mod version.

Skip songs unlimited time

In the free version, you can skip songs for a limited time. However, in the Mod version, you can skip songs unlimited time and listen to your favorite song. 

Repeat song unlimited time

Some song lyrics are so good that touch the heart, and we want to listen to them again and again. But! In the basic version of Spotify, we don’t have the option to listen to the song again. But, in the Mod version, you can repeat your favorite song even 100 times. 

Advertisement free version

One of the best features of the Mod version is its advertisement-free feature. In the normal Spotifyapp version, when you go for your favorite song, before the music is playing an ad will pop up and you must see the whole ad. So annoying! In Mod apk, no trouble of ads.

Unlimited shuffle

In the free version, you can shuffle the songs a couple of times. You can’t listen to your favorite songs every time due to limited shuffling. In Mod apk, Unlimited shuffling is allowed. So, you can shuffle the songs anytime without restriction. 

Search bar

Mod version also provides a music search option, so that you can search any kind of music, podcast, video, whole albums, artists, playlists, and whatever you wish according to your mood. 

Spotify library

Spotify mod apk allows you to save as many songs as you want in the Spotify library. You can add whole albums, playlists, podcasts, artists to your library. 

Remove cosmetic functionality

Recently, Spotify partnership with a brand like Merchbars, in which Spotify will sell artist’s products through their profile page. It means people can also buy makeup on Spotify. Whenever you click on some artist’s profile first you have to see the cosmetic product they sell, but the Mod version will remove many artist’s cosmetic features.

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Black AMOLED Display

Those people who are fond of the dark theme can use the Spotify in Black AMOLED theme. AMOLED display provides vibrant and sharp colors that are better than any other display. Mod version also provides this feature.


Is the Spotify Mod version is illegal and safe?

No, it is not illegal. And it is secure, we also test it before answering.

Can the Mod version harm my device?

Again no, it will not harm your device because it is not a virus.

Are there any charges for the Spotify Mod version?

No, it is free of cost.


Spotify’s free version includes only basic features, Mod version includes a lot of features. But, the Mod version is also restricted to some features, like changing audio quality, sharing of your profile across social media, offline availability, music history, Spotify Equalizer. If you want to enjoy the full version of Spotify, then you have to buy Spotify Premium apk (full version). You just need to pay 10$ per month, that is not a big amount when looking for the services it provides.

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