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Instagram sits on the top with Facebook when it comes to monthly active users. Instagram is heaven for businesses as it has more than a billion monthly users worldwide. Did you know that videos on Instagram drive 38% more engagement than image posts? Instagram videos are best for a business or an influencer looking to collect some followers.

However, you need to create effective videos for Instagram that can differentiate you from others. While some experts suggest using an Instagram video editor, some suggest investing in video recording. Read on to know the smart guide for making eye-catching Instagram videos in 2022.

Know your ideal Instagram video specifications

There are several specifications for Instagram videos for the best viewing experience. If you ignore the ideal specifications, your videos might not appear fully on the Instagram app. For sharing videos on your Instagram feed, you should choose the MP4 format. You can post a video for up to a minute in your Instagram feed. You should choose the vertical (1920*1080 pixels) or the square dimension (864*864 pixels) for sharing a video in your Instagram feed. The Instagram app does not work like YouTube when rotated. It is why you should choose the video dimension carefully and not hamper the viewing experience.

If you share videos in your Instagram stories, you need to keep them short. While creating an Instagram story, keep your video length to 15 seconds. 1920*1080 pixels are the ideal dimensions for your video in an Instagram story. 9:16, 4:5, and 16:9 are the aspect ratios accepted by Instagram for stories. You can upload a video in MP4 or MOV format as an Instagram story. You can also upload animated GIFs as your stories on Instagram.

Many beginners that start making Instagram videos ignore the ideal video specifications. As a result, Instagram automatically crops some portion of their videos on their application. If you want to offer the best viewing experience to your followers on Instagram, follow the ideal video requirements.

Add editing effects to your Instagram videos

Many beginners share videos directly on Instagram after recording. They don’t even bother to remove audio/video errors in their video, let alone add editing effects. You can learn how to make a video for Instagram in a more eye-catching fashion by adding some effects to the video. Animations, graphics, overlays, velocity effects, and transitions can make your video much more appealing than before. Post-production efforts can add that charismatic touch to your Instagram videos.

People think that the editing effects like filters and stickers are enough for making an eye-catching video. Well, these are just some basic editing effects offered by Instagram. You need to use a dedicated Instagram video editor to make appealing videos. A dedicated video editor can let you make any type of video. You can create an animated video or turn the text script into a video with a dedicated editor.

Video editors come with pre-made templates for making Instagram videos. When you use a pre-made template for Instagram, you don’t have to worry about the ideal video specifications. The pre-made template will make sure the video is made according to the Instagram ideal dimensions. You can directly share your finished video on Instagram via a video editor.

Additional tips for creating Instagram videos in 2022

Now that you know about the different types of Instagram videos, you should know some expert tips. You should also note the importance of a video editor to make eye-catching Instagram videos. Some insider tips for creating a perfect Instagram video in 2022 are as follows:

1. Pre-plan your Instagram video content

Don’t create Instagram videos in a hurry. Also, last-minute improvisations do not always turn out to be good. You should instead create a video script beforehand to avoid last-minute hassles. You can plan your video-making process and the elements to be used in the video. It helps you in staying onto the video message while making a video. Many times, video creators wanted to make something but ended up making an entirely different video.

If you have the video script, you can also turn it into a video with minimal editing efforts. Many video editors allow users to convert a text script into a video automatically. You just have to select a video theme and upload the text script on the respective video editing platform.

2. Tell a story via your Instagram video

Even if you are a business, don’t only share sales-centric videos. The audience relates to a brand when they see something different. An Instagram user will quickly identify when you are sharing a sales-centric video. Your video should focus on solving the problems of the audience in your brand videos. When the audience can connect to your brand, your sales will eventually go up.

If you are an Instagram influencer, try sharing unheard and unique stories. The audience on Instagram loves videos that tell a story. For example, a travel influencer can share a video of interaction with ethnic groups in any city/country. It will attract the audience on Instagram as it is something unique.

3. Know your Instagram followers

Your Instagram followers are the ones who will consume your video content. You need to make videos according to the interest areas of your followers on Instagram. Take some time to conduct a little research to learn about your audience’s preferences on Instagram. You can provide Instagram followers with what they want and gain popularity. You can also ask questions to your Instagram followers via stories to know their preferences. Start sharing appealing videos on Instagram in 2022!  


Now that you know videos on Instagram drive more engagement than image posts, you need to create effective videos for Instagram that can differentiate you from others. The above smart guide will help one to make attractive Instagram videos in 2022.

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