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Single-story homes: Major Benefits Living on one floor provides

Do you know whether you want a single-story or two-story home but aren’t quite ready to move on with the home-buying process? You’re not alone; prospective purchasers may also find the decision to be difficult. Many would-be Vision Homes owners struggle to decide if living on one level or two would best suit their wants and lifestyles.

Single Level Living Offers Unparalleled Features And Benefits

While two-story homes have undoubtedly become more popular in recent years, one-story homes still provide a number of features and advantages, especially when they are well-equipped with high-end luxury facilities. There are many benefits to choosing a single-story floor design, including:

More possible square footage:

Depending on the style of home you’re searching for, a one-floor home may offer more space than a two-floor home because there are no stairs to take up valuable real estate.

Higher ceilings

Do cathedral and vaulted ceilings look appealing to you? In a home with two stories, they will be challenging to locate. However, if you retain your living area on the ground floor, the height of your ceilings is only limited by your imagination.

Less need for bathrooms overall: 

Because everything is on one level, homeowners who live in single-story homes actually require fewer bathrooms overall. This can help you save money both when buying the property originally and on annual taxes for the entire time you own your house.

Safer for kids and pets: 

Since bedrooms are frequently located upstairs in double-story homes, parents must thoroughly childproof and secure all of the windows on that level to prevent kids and pets from falling out. The possibility of a fall from a second level is completely eliminated by choosing a home with ground floor living.

Simpler to flee: 

Nobody wants to consider an unplanned emergency occurring at home. Unluckily, it can occur. If possible, you quickly improve your chances of a smooth evacuation by keeping everyone in one level of living space.

Finally, it goes without saying that having two levels of living can result in a lot of upsetting noise and foot traffic downstairs that can be highly disruptive for everyone. Living on one level means you won’t ever have to be concerned about someone with a heavy tread making noise directly over your head.

Conclusion: Once you’ve decided that single floor living is the best option for you, how can you make sure that you receive all you want in your next house? Join forces with a dependable construction company that specialises in this style of floor layout. You’ll have access to their knowledge and architectural experience, which will help to ensure that you receive exactly what you want without having to pay for extra features and amenities.

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