Everything You Need to Know About Sikh Wedding Traditions in The UK

Sikh wedding in the UK

Are you counting down the days to your Sikh wedding in the UK? That’s Amazing! A Sikh wedding is often a large, vibrant, lavish, and exhilarating event. 

Being a part of the professional photographer community, you get a chance to experience and capture a few exciting Sikh weddings. There are several functions on different days including, ‘Roka’ and the engagement ceremony that takes place at the Gurudwara- place of worship for the Sikh community- which is called ‘Anand Karaj’. 

Getting married is an unforgettable moment in a person’s life. However, as time passes, details and faces start to fade from memory. Identifying a competent professional photographer in the UK can be a tedious task due to the plethora of options to choose from, but doing so is necessary to capture all the special moments from various ceremonies during your Sikh wedding, like the Anand Karaj ceremony in the UK. 

Here are some tips on what to expect from a Sikh wedding in the UK wedding and preparations for Sikh wedding photography: 

What to Expect From a Sikh Wedding

Sikh weddings in the UK are also rich with traditional customs and ceremonies, including the Anand Karaj ceremony in UK. Anand Karaj means a “ceremony of joy” that takes place in a Gurdwara, and it is the blissful union of couples in front of the Guru Granth Sahib while guests gather around the couple. 

One Week Prior to the Wedding- The engagement ceremony called “Sagai” generally takes place a week before the wedding. Traditional customs such as the bride’s father applying the tikka mark to the groom’s forehead and presenting the bride with jewelry, an ornate stole called a chunni, and other gifts. The occasion is marked by exchanging engagement rings between the bride and groom. 

Another major event that takes place prior to the wedding is the Mehndi party, where professional henna artists are hired to decorate the palms and feet of the bride and palms of any guests who want it. 

Day of the Wedding- There are numerous rituals that are performed at the houses of the bride and groom before they even leave for the wedding. At the groom’s house, a ritual called the “Sehra Bandi” is performed; this ritual involves the tying of an embroidered veil to the groom’s turban. Whereas at the bride’s home, the day begins with the ‘Chura’ ritual, which is the action of presenting the bride with a set of cream and red-colored ivory bangles; this ritual is completed by the maternal uncle of the bride. 

After completing the required rituals, the bride and groom leave for the Gurdwara to perform the ‘Lavaan’, which is the most significant part of the Sikh wedding; this requires the bride and groom to circle the Sikh religious scripture, which is called the Guru Granth Sahib, four times upon completion of ‘Lavaan’ the couple is officially declared as husband and wife. 

The Wedding’s Reception- When the wedding ceremony is completed in the Gurdwara, it is usually followed by a big reception where there is singing, bhangra, and modern dancing along with freshly made foods and drinks. At modern Sikh weddings, alcoholic drinks are extremely popular and are available abundantly. This is also the time where you, the newly married couple, perform their first dance.

An ideal professional photographer will stay to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment, and arrangements need to be made if you want the photographer to offer extended coverage of your reception. 

Post Wedding- Once the wedding ceremony is completed, it is time for the ‘Doli”, which is the official departure of the bride from her family home. This is a tear-shedding moment for those involved. The bride bids farewell to her old life and family and accompanies her husband to start their new married life. This is a bittersweet moment that your wedding photographer should be able to capture perfectly. 

Points to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer For Your Sikh Wedding

  1. The style of wedding photography you require 

There are a variety of photography types like wedding portraits, photojournalistic, etc., and professional photographers are trained to capture them all. They will make sure to provide you with the best experience of your lifetime!

  1. Research diligently 

One way you can easily reach your dream photographer is with the help of research. If you take care of things like reviews, ratings, portfolios, etc., we are sure you will find the best one suitable for your needs.

  1. Range of services offered

Last but not least is the range of services you need. There are various types of wedding photographers; some will provide you with limited services, while others will focus on providing you with everything you need.

If you want to make the right choice, ensure to stick to these tips, and we are sure you will be able to get the best photographer for all your needs. All you have to do is be sure of what you are looking for a Sikh wedding in the UK and let them know how much this wedding matters to you!

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