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The SEO Company Orange County industry has some serious competition, but also some of the best in the field like True North Social! Let’s take a look at how these agencies benefit companies nowadays.

The function of an SEO company

SEO is nothing more than a set of optimization techniques aimed at ranking websites and web pages in general, the main purpose is to increase page traffic, helping in conversion rates.

Today, the methodology is fundamental for companies to achieve visibility in the digital environment, which, consequently, can also generate more leads for the business, later appearing as customers to be loyal.

All the work with this set of techniques leads the page to be among the first results in search engines, such as Google, which is the giant of this medium. This in itself ends up increasing the chances of growth for that business.

It is pointed out that 90% of people who search the internet end up clicking only on the results listed on the first page of the search engine, i.e., you need to be ranked on the first page of Google if you want to get more traffic to your site.

This is the main job performed by an optimization engine, which can be left in the hands of SEO agencies.

SEO Companies For E-commerce

If you own an e-commerce business or are thinking of investing in this booming area in these pandemic times, it is important to know the benefits of applying SEO strategies in your business.

Online sales doubled in the first half of 2021 and Brazilians are increasingly accustomed to buying online. Know that there are digital marketing companies specializing in SEO consulting, which are concerned with the development of your brand on the internet to give you a fair advantage!

It is important to apply SEO for sales sites: this strategy makes your products be found in search engines (like Google) more efficiently, which is one of the best marketing practices to reach your potential customers. To do this, your product needs to be better positioned concerning your competition. What defines a top position in Google, Yahoo or Bing are the criteria they set.

For any e-commerce business, it must be in their goals to be ranked higher on search engines: No matter what dimension your company is, in today’s world you will need to deal with SEO if you wish to stand out. By doing these, you will be putting yourself in a position to raise high profits.

How does an SEO Agency help in getting content to the first page?

  • Content that answers the user’s questions
  • Original and quality content
  • Authority and reputation of the site
  • Site trustworthiness
  • Reliable and relevant data and information
  • User experience on the site: fast loading, responsive site.
  • SEO Consulting
  • Let’s say you have already created a website: you have added a great user interface, your site is responsive, you have a good product offering, but, no visitors are coming to your site and consequently your conversion rate is too low or non-existent.

If your site does not appear on Google, Yahoo or Bing, customers will not know that your business exists. That’s where an SEO consultancy for your e-commerce comes in!

Advantages of using SEO 

  • The budget for marketing can be significantly reduced.
  • It helps in forming your customer base which is loyal to your brand.
  • It increases the search visibility of your site, and it focuses on single products at once.
  • Promotes growth in business and sales.
  • Organic customers are attracted, which ensures more conversion.
  • SEO for an e-commerce site has long-term effects on search engines, given that you are in the top ten results.


Hiring cost of an SEO company

As in any segment, the cost of hiring an agency will depend on several factors. The first is that, in general, SEO companies work with budgets that vary according to the type of client and its objectives. So, the amount charged will always be proportional to the size of the business, its niche, and other limiting aspects.

But, to give a more exact answer, usually, the charge is made according to the volume of content produced and added services. For example, a company may hire an agency to make ten blog posts of 1,000 words per month.

The value of this work package will certainly be lower than that of a company that hires the same agency to produce 20 articles, plus two ebooks and off-page services (which are not visible to the user, such as changing platforms, for example).

Some tips to consider when looking for a company:

  1. Look for companies that have been doing good continuously: check for things such as client reviews, past projects, and such things that will give you an insight into how the company has been operating.
  2. Look for companies that are more experienced in your related field: What have they been accomplishing in their history of operation? Are they familiar with the terms of the industry?
  3. Look for companies that share the same vision as you: you must be clear about the goals that you are trying to attain with the requested SEO campaign. It will prove to be crucial while designing the steps that are going to be used in the strategy. If you aim to generate more leads for your business, then it is smart to request lead generation services.

To have better positioning and stand out among the competition, which ends up entering as a consequence of the strategy, it is important to work the keywords still in internal links, with relevant terms and the so-called bullet points in each text, including them as elements that will be responsible for their positioning in the search engine.

Being on the first page of Google search is the goal, and the agency will work hard to achieve it. So, consider True North Social if you are looking within the SEO company orange county industry.

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