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Revive Collagen And Live Young


As you are approaching your 30s, some of you observe the sagging, dead, and wrinkled skin, sunken eyes, digestion issues, and joint pains. We tend to ignore these by excusing this as an aging process. But the sad news is, this is not normal. These symptoms hint at the deficiency of an abundant protein in our bodies called collagen. Today, it is difficult to escape from the sight of powdered collagen boxes lying in grocery or medical stores. We must search for ways to revive collagen, to restore youthful skin and a healthy body.

What is collagen?

  • It is a structural and abundant protein that primarily forms 30% of the total protein in our body.
  • It is a fibrous and insoluble protein.
  • It supports and fortifies the skin, muscles, bones, ligaments, and connective tissues.
  • Type I collagen is even stronger than steel.
  • It holds the cells in the body altogether.
  • The human body naturally produces collagen protein, the production of which declines with aging and an unbalanced lifestyle.
  • The protein makes the connective tissues which join the other tissues.
  • It is a family of proteins comprising the three amino acids: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

What roles are played by collagen?

Collagen holistically takes care of the skin, joints, and muscles. Its deficiency hampers the overall personality and physical well-being. In your 30s, you start looking like being in your 60s.

  • It restores the dead skin cells responsible for causing the clogging of the skin pores resulting in acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • It strengthens and gives structure to the skin resulting in tenderness and elasticity.
  • It aids in the clotting of the blood.
  • It enables the fibroblasts to form in the dermis.
  • It makes the connective tissues that link the various tissues altogether.
  • Collagen can be applied to wounds helping in curing.
  • It helps in the maturing of the new cells.
  • It is popularly used for skin treatments and cosmetic surgeries.

What is the need to balance collagen levels?

  • We are aware that with age, the production capacity of collagen falls, and the already existing collagen molecules break down faster. These are the root causes of why most of us don’t age fine like wine. We need to intake supplements to revive collagen.
  • The quality of the collagen produced also depletes with time.
  • Usually, in the body of women, the production is disturbed and hampered after the mono-pause.
  • Once you strike the age of 60, the aging effect on the skin, digestion issues, and joint pains are evident due to the reduction in the generation of such proteins.

Signs of reduced collagen levels in the body

Though all of us can’t go for periodic body check-ups, isn’t the beauty of nature that our body itself unveils internal health issues in the form of symptoms? There are some physical signs that the human body shows up that point out the shortage in the volume of the crucial protein collagen. 

  • At first, the slip in the protein levels attacks the firm skin and causes the skin to loosen and crepey.
  • Even the beautiful eyes loosen the charm by becoming puffy and hollow.
  • Gastrointestinal issues shoot up owing to the thinning of the digestive tract lining.
  • As the collagens are present in the connective tissues, the sink in the levels will result in joint pains and disruption in smooth mobility and balance.
  • The muscles start shrinking and become fragile.
  • Problems related to the blood-pressures are convenient since it intervenes with the blood flow.
  • Hair thinning is another sign that eventually leads to lifeless hair and hair fall.
  • Weight gain is another outcome of the slowing down in the metabolism due to the reduction in collagen levels.
  • Teeth-related problems such as sensitivity, and gum swelling start to pop up.

Unnatural Causes for collagen depletion

It is evident as we grow old, especially after entering our thirties, collagen level automatically starts dipping. But it won’t be wrong to say, that in this glamorous and pompous world, we can’t afford to look old and dry. An unhealthy and unstable lifestyle is responsible for all aging-related issues. Let us walk through and digest the broad-level causes of the depletion:

  • Exposure to UV Light

Prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays causes the precious collagen to break down at a higher rate by penetrating deep down into the skin and impacting the elasticity.

  • Smoking

Thousands of hazardous chemicals are present in tobacco smoke that causes the destruction and depletion of proteins and elastin.

  • Feeding on excessive sugar and the refined carbohydrates

The ingested sugar combines and binds with the collagen and the process is called glycation. This chemical reaction further narrows down the production and growth ability of collagen.

Can we revitalize collagen?

We all have heard of the popular saying, “Prevention is better than the cure.” But in my opinion, with a balanced meal and a controlled lifestyle, we can work on it anytime and improvise our skin and well-being.

By following the simple routine and healthy lifestyle mentioned below, we can revive collagen and appear the way we have always desired.

  • Collagen Supplements

Natural supplements can aid in redeveloping the collagens without going for expensive cosmetic treatments. Some easy-to-find supplements are Aloe sterols and Ginseng.

  • Vitamin C and proteins

The amino acids present in the proteins are vital for building muscle and collagen generation. Vitamin C, we all know, is excellent for the skin and builds up collagen, and boosts the immune system. Include the following in your diet:

  1. Citrus foods
  2. Beans
  3. White eggs
  4. Fish
  5. pulses
  6. Spinach
  • Sheath your skin with sunscreen and retinol for protection from detrimental UV rays.
  • Sleep and stress management

 We, humans, are programmed to have a peaceful 8 hours of sleep. The tired brain with overloaded stress boost cortisol which in the long run may impact hyaluronic acid and collagen levels.

  • Stay away from alcohol

Similar to smoking, alcohol too is detrimental and results in the malfunctioning of the body. The consumption impacts both the quality and the quantity of collagen.



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