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It’s not fun to ride in a vehicle with a bad air conditioner on a hot summer day where the temperature inside your car can spike to make you suffer heatstroke. There are many reasons for facing the situation and one of them is not maintaining your vehicle properly. We understand that life is fast and you hardly get the time to keep the check. But this is the reason you can always reach out to professionals to help you right at the time. It is better to have accurate information about your vehicle and its air conditioner beforehand to avoid terrible conditions.  

By the end of this article, you can claim that you have maximum knowledge about the possible problems that you might observe in your air conditioner along with their best solutions to help you deal with unwanted situations. Without further ado, let’s start.

Reasons Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner Is Not Working Properly

Here is the list of possible reasons why your vehicle’s air conditioner is not working as before. Don’t worry; we will list solutions to these problems also. 

If the Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On 


The first problem you might face is a dead air conditioner. People usually overlook tiny issues when they can’t turn on their a/c, such as a power button’s fault. If you find your air conditioner dead, check its power button before panicking. 


If the a/c is not turning on, make sure that the air conditioner is plugged in properly by carefully looking at the wiring to see if all wires are in good condition or not. If any wire is broken, the two possible solutions are either mending it with tape or replacing the wire in case it is beyond fixing.   When done with the wiring, check the health of the thermostat. Check if your thermostat is set on cool or not. Lower the degree to 5-10 in your thermostat and see if it starts working. Manual with your thermostat can guide you better about its type. 

If done trying all solution mentioned above, there might be a problem in coil or the motor of a/c or compressor is not healthy. In such situations finding an auto repair shop to identify the real problem is a better option. 

If Air Conditioner Is Throwing Warm Air


If you find your a/c throwing warm air, there might be something wrong with the condenser. The contender in a vehicle is supposed to re-cycle or re-cool the warm refrigerant once the air is compressed by utilizing the airflow coming through the vehicle’s front. 


The primary reason why your air conditioner is throwing warm air at your face is that the condenser is blocked by some kind of dirt or stones from the road. If the contender is barred, it can not properly absorb the heat to cool the refrigerant. Typically, the condenser is placed in the front of the vehicle to analyze the problem visually.  Look for the blockage and clean it to make it easy for the air to circulate. Don’t forget to check the filter most of the time; it’s the filter troubling the air conditioner. If the a/c is still not working correctly, don’t hesitate to contact professionals to fix it. If the conditioner is punctured, there is no other solution than to replace it with a new one. 

If The Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Properly


If everything is set correctly, still the a/c is not cooling the space properly; there might be a leakage in the refrigerant. The cold air erupting from your air conditioner is adequately dependent upon the refrigerant.  If there is any problem with the refrigerant or the fans, the system will not work correctly. 


Unlike an oil leakage, a refrigerant leak is, unfortunately, challenging to detect because you can neither smell nor see or hear leakage noise. The leakage can occur at any point in but mostly; the fault erupts in the hoses, compressor, connection, or condenser. To find the load adds a fluorescent tracer dye and refrigerant to the air conditioner. When done, turn on the a/c and check for the lead with the help of a light. Fix the leak and recharge the air conditioner to enjoy the cool air once again.  

If there is no leakage, there might be a problem with fans. If the fans are not working correctly, the condenser will not receive the required cooling to cool your car. Inspect the fans visually to identify the problem. If the fan is broken or cracked, the only solution to address the problem is by getting a new one, while if there is an electric issue, you must consult your vehicle a/c repair shop. 


The problems mentioned above are listed to help you identify the problem vehicle a/c is facing. However, there might be something bigger and worse that is happening with your air conditioner. If you can’t fix an a/c by yourself, don’t delay getting it seen by a professional. There are situations where the problem with your air conditioner is beyond your knowledge. The professionals are trained to deal with challenges and emergencies, so they can always provide you the solutions you need. 

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