Chennai- whenever we hear the word Chennai, certain images, starting from hot and humid weather, salty breeze, local cuisines, coffee, metal band, etc. Chennai is not only the capital of Tamil Nadu, but also an important place for the tourist destination, a socio-economic hub, and also the most important medical treatment place in India. People go to Chennai for basically three reasons. Eat includes job opportunities, medical treatment, and a tourist vacation. Places for recreation facilities include cafes, bars, night clubs are abundant. It has upheld its tradition and custom to date, it is to such an extreme that the people prefer speaking in their mother tongue rather than any other language like Hindi. If you visit it, then you should try staying at a luxurious hotel. One of such hotels is itc grand  chola Chennai.

If you suddenly make a tour of Chennai, then you should keep the following points in mind. It will surely help planning the days.

  • Coffee: now, if you visit Chennai, then there is no reason not to try coffee. There are different types of coffees, available in Chennai. Starting from low grade to premium quality. Studies show that South India consumes about 80% of the total consumption in India. Adding to this, Chennai alone consumes, more than one-third of the total consumption in South India. Like tea, which is consumed, 3-5 Times a day, coffee is preferred similarly in Chennai. There are many cafes all over the city, some of which are very popular. Many foreigners come to Chennai and prefer this cafe, spending their quality time with a cup of coffee. So if you visit Chennai, then you should try it.
  • Local street food: if you are a foodie, then you should try the local street food. In simple words, Chennai is an absolute food paradise. The most important aspect of Chennai’s street food is, that it can be made quickly and much healthier in comparison to other street foods, like chowmein, mughlai, roles, etc. In addition to this, this street food can be categorized based on veg and non-veg. The veg items in the list are sundal, puttu, dosa, uthappam, idli, etc. On the other hand, non-veg includes athouk, kothu, parotta, etc.
  • Medical hub: this is that this has the most advance and improved medical system in India. Meni patients from all over India and abroad come here for medical purposes. There are many public and private hospitals in Chennai, which provide the cheapest medical facilities in entire India. Suppose a person staying in Kolkata, Delhi, or Mumbai has medical issues that need immediate attention. Hi/she can immediately come to Chennai and look for a hospital of their choice. Some of the best government hospitals in Chennai are the government multi-super specialty hospital, perambur railway hospital, institute of child health & hospital for children, and the government general hospital, which was the first medical institution in India. Some of the famous private hospitals are Apollo medical hospital, SIMS Hospital, MGM Healthcare, etc. It can be stated, that Chennai captures about half of the medical tourism in India. Even if you have a sudden trip to Chennai, then you would like to have a thorough medical checkup of your full body.
  • Places of historical interest: Chennai has some of the prime historical places in India. So it is one of the most important tourist destinations. Chennai has the second oldest museum in India i.e., The Government Museum. It is a perfect place to spend time with family members especially the children as it has many paintings, historical sculptures, artifacts, etc. There is also the Theosophical Society, which stands as an excellent example to promote brotherhood globally. This has one of the oldest and biggest libraries called the Connemara public library. The Victoria memorial hall is one of the most fantastic pieces of architecture in India, it was constructed on the eve of Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. There are some other important places like ValluvarKortum, San Thome Cathedral Basilica, etc. So if you are passionate about history, then Chennai is a perfect place to visit.
  • Unique culture and heritage: Chennai is famous for its rich cultural heritage, and its people take pride in it. The people of Chennai prefer talking in their language rather than any other language. If you think of Chennai, we will think of Pongal, Bharatanatyam, traditional music Jallikattu, and many more for their uniqueness. The Pongal festival is a four-day-long harvest festival, where farmers pray to God to have a good harvest and blessing throughout the year. Jallikattu is a spectacular event of their culture where bullfighting takes place. There are some special bulls bred and brought up for this event. So if you are an adventurer, then you should try Jallikattu, once in your lifetime. It will be a remarking event in your life.
  • Art and architecture: It is famous for its unique landmarks. One of the important landmarks includes British architecture such as the Connemara public library, Government Museum, Victoria Public hall, etc. Though the city is developing, it still has the old touch. The Santhome Church was built by A Portuguese adventurous based on Neo-Gothic style. Now, if you look at the list of temples in Chennai, you will find a lot of them at various places in a different styles. Some of the important temples of tourist destinations are Ekambareswarar temple, Kandhakottam, ThirumalaTirupatiDevasthanam temple, Shree Chandraprabhu Jain Narayan Mandir, Kandaswamy temple, ISKCON temple, Sri Balaji Temple, and many more.
  • Other reasons: apart from the above pointers, many other things are unique about Chennai. The first thing that comes to our mind is typically south Indian food. South Indian food has a unique flavor and taste of its own. Even though the dishes are more or less compatible, the spices used in these dishes heart local and fresh. There are some natural attraction spots in Chennai. These include Marina beach, which is the most popular beach in Chennai. It is followed by a few of the national parks in India like Guindy National Park, Natesan Park, Chetpet Eco-park, etc.


Going through all the above points, we can say that Chennai is an important city in India, not just a simple capital of a state. It has its unique cultural heritage, architecture, food, and festival. It has many luxurious resorts where one can stay comfortably. One of such hotels is itc grand cholaChennai.

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