Personalized Art Gifts For Sentimental People

Personalized Art Gifts For Sentimental People

When you want to present a sentimental person with a special gift, you usually try to find something meaningful that will be appreciated and give the person joy. However, not many gifts have this capability, so you might experience problems getting a suitable gift. 

An artwork, however, may be your solution. Original artwork is almost always still treasured long after it has been received. However, it is appreciated and treasured much more if it is a personalized artwork. A personalized painting depicting something very special to the receiver is always a winner.   

In this article, we’ll share some guidelines to assist you in finding just the suitable personalized artwork to be presented as a gift. 

A Portrait Gift is Special

A personalized portrait painting provides many possibilities regarding the theme and subject you want to be depicted. The better you know the sentimental person you want to surprise with your special gift, the better you will be able to choose the right subject.  

Giving an art portrait as a gift gives much more than just the “picture.” An artwork reflects much more – it reflects a feeling. And it is this feeling that a sentimental person will appreciate and remember. Your friend will regard the gift as “my life painting” because it addresses their emotions.

“Normal” gifts are usually used and then forgotten or stored away very soon. Your portrait painting or sketch will, in most instances, be hung on your friend’s wall or in a prominent place. Every time your friend looks at it, the gift will be appreciated again.

Begin a “Paint my Life” Project with Your Sentimental Friend

Usually, a sentimental person will appreciate a painting depicting people dear to them or a personalized scene from a memorable event. However, your gift might begin a “Paint my Life” project. 

In a “my-painted-life” project, you start to commission personalized paintings to constantly remind you of the special people and events in your life. Depending on your relationship with the receiver of your gift, it can be either an individual project or the two of you together. 

A “paint my life portrait” will always bring back sweet memories and is also a heart-warming way to cherish that feeling for years to come. Many people who have given a personalized painted portrait to a friend as a gifts can testify that their friendship with the person only benefitted by sharing the emotions conveyed by the painting. 

The Object to be Depicted

Who or what should be the subject of the portrait will also be determined by your relationship with the person who will receive the gifts. For example, some sentimental persons will appreciate a portrait of you or another person dear to them, while others will appreciate a portrait of themselves. 

People who are sentimental about their pets would appreciate a painting showing their favourite pets. It might be a painting of the pet or pets alone or a painting depicting the gift’s receiver with their pets.  

The portrait can also depict a special occasion such as a 21st birthday, graduation day, or wedding anniversary. Looking at the painting will always be a reminder of the special occasion.

Sometimes a portrait painting or drawing with you and the gifts baskets receiver can be appropriate. For example, it might be a portrait with the two of you on holiday, visiting a particular place, or graduating together.  

Where to Get a Customized Artwork

When you’ve decided to present your friend with a customized portrait painting, your next step is to find a gallery that offers these services. They are usually found online. Reputable galleries should at least offer the following:

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee, including reasonable adjustments and modifications to the artwork.
  • Testimonials of satisfied clients.
  • Free proofs of the work before finalizing the painting.
  • A reasonable return policy.
  • A variety of styles and customization.
  • Classically trained artists are doing the paintings.
  • Free/reasonable deliveries.

Procedure for getting Custom Portraits

Each gallery has its ordering and creating procedures, but when you require a unique hand-painted portrait, you must provide pictures or photos of the subject(s) you want in the painting.

In other words, if you want yourself, other people, pets, or any specific article to be part of the portrait, you must provide relevant pictures or photos to the gallery. Likewise, when a specific background is requested, include photos of what you want in the background.

Some galleries request more than one photo – taken from different angles – to make it easier for the painter to create an original depiction. However, they usually prefer images in digital format.

Another idea – Customize an Existing Painting

Suppose you know that your friend likes a specific famous portrait painting for some or other sentimental reason and perhaps has remarked a few times that they would have loved to be part of that scene. In that case, you can arrange for a customized painting with your friend included in the picture.  

It can, for example, be a painting like “Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum” by Vincent van Gogh where your friend (or you and your friend) can be depicted as sitting at one of the tables. If your friend is somebody who loves the “older” lifestyle, they would be thrilled to be part of the group of people in “Terrace at the Seaside, Sainte-Adresse” by Claude Monet. 

If you want to order a customized reproduction of an existing painting, request the gallery to verify whether such a reproduction can legally be made and, if so, whether they are prepared to do it. Generally, you would be able to customize the painting you have in mind. The ordering procedure is much the same as when you order an original painting. The gallery will need digital pictures or photos of the people you want to add to the existing picture.


Your sentimental friends and family will always appreciate a personalized art gifts. When a personalized painting gives your friend the feeling that the painting is part of what they experience as part of what can be described as “my painted life,” the gifts will be priceless.

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