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Things to Know Before Paralysis Treatment

Paralysis treatment

Paralysis treatment means loss of sensation in a part of the body. It is a complete loss or impairment of the ability to use voluntary muscles. It is often the result of a nervous system disorder. The injured nerve tissue may be in the brain, spinal cord, or muscles themselves. General Paralysis may occur unilateral involvement (hemiplegic) Paralysis of both sides to some degree. With the help of this article, you will know about homeopathic medicine for paralysis attack.

Homeopathic treatment for Paralysis:

Homeopathy is one of the most fabulous holistic medical systems in India. The choice of treatment is based on individual theory and the similarity of symptoms using a holistic approach. This is the only way to regain total health by erasing all signs and symptoms that the patient suffers. The purpose of homeopathy is not just to treat constipation but also the underlying causes and individual vulnerabilities. Before paralysis treatment, you can know about the homeopathy medicine for paralysis.

Some of the homeopathic medicine for paralysis attack is given by,


Rhus Tox –It is incredibly consistent with all forms of Paralysis that have synovial origin or are caused by exposure to moisture or wetness. Paralysis is caused by neuralgia and typhus. Together with drag walking and stiffness of limbs due to cold and damp weather.


Gelsemium – Complete motor paralysis, which is somewhat more functional than organic in emotional Paralysis. The Paralysis of the eye muscles or larynx and thickening of the tongue. It is one of the best treatments for diphtheria and infantile Paralysis treatment.


Causticum – Specifically adapted for Paralysis of one part of the body and face Paralysis from exposure to homeopathic drug drycausticum for cold weather paralysis, including Paralysis of the right side of the face, tongue, pharynx, etc. Useful for vocal Paralysis associated with vocal cord weakness and Paralysis of the muscles of the tongue, eyelids, face, bladder, and limbs.

Things to Know Before Paralysis Treatment

Alumina – With Paralysis of the lower extremities, especially from the spine, the leg was so heavy that the patient could hardly drag it fatigue even while sitting.


Dulcamara – Worsened by cold, humid weather or by a sudden change from hot to cold weather. Paralyzed tongue with speech impaired Spinal cord paralysis and hyperemia after sleeping in cold weather Bladder paralysis from the exact cause. Cloudy urine filled with mucus.


Opium – One side of the body is paralyzed due to cerebral palsy; Painless Complaining and Tolerating Anything and don’t want anything lying on his back, having difficulty breathing, jaw-dropping, red face, and eyes half-closed, skin full of hot sweat. The pupil is usually constricted but may expand. Unconscious and partially or wholly paralyzed from fear or the ill effects of persistent fear mental and physical lethargy Paralysis of the bowel and rectum causes constipation with black, hard, spherical, or involuntary stools due to Paralysis of the sphincter ani Paralysis treatment. The bladder paralysis is caused by urinary retention to fill the bladder.


Arnica – paralysis due to concussion, stroke, especially cerebral thrombosis. In the case of hemiplegia due to stroke, arnica is the first drug to be used in the case of hypertension. It helps to control bleeding and aid absorption. Other symptoms are bruising; everything the patient lied about seemed difficult involuntary feces and urination due to Paralysis of the sphincter after injury mostly left Paralysis, pulse-pounding, singing, and murmuring.


Cilicia – The Paralysis due to impaired nutrition of the nervous system with excessive sensitivity to nervous stimuli the brain and spine cannot handle normal vibrations or vibrations.


Nux Vomica – The labio-glosso-pharyngeal Paralysis; Paralysis from epilepsy; Paralysis from spinal cord fatigue


Meet Plumbum – A single muscle paralysis; It typically starts in extensions. The wrist was noticeably reduced. The patient is unable to lift things by hand.


Zincum found – Paralysis slows developing, descending Paralysis.


Conium – The Paralysis caused by suppressed sexual desire in widows, widows, and single men Gradually homeopathic medicine for progressive Paralysis, ascending Paralysis, ending in death by respiratory failure; painless paralysis condition Paralysis of the hips and legs makes walking difficult, trembling, and loss of strength while walking, Weakness of the facial muscles, upper eyelids, etc., accompanied by Paralysis accompanied by numbness. Dizziness when opening eyes, when lying down, or when looking at moving objects.

Final thought:

Paralysis is the worst disorder in your body. You can take the homeopathic medicine for paralysis attack. Homeopathy is one of the best remedies to cure Paralysis. From the above discussion, you can get a clear idea about homeopathy medicine for Paralysis treatment.

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