Ways to Get Organized for online Class Success, The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

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Online class and education has been a part of our life for many years; because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all learned a lot more online than we had imagined in the past 2.5 years. Organizing your online study is essential to schedule a study plan to stay focused on your assignments and other tasks.  

Top 8 strategies for online class success

Consider an online class/course like an actual one

Online lectures are delivered to the students virtually by using video conferencing apps; however, most online classes are still organized/taught asynchronously. Distance learning differs from in-person classes, but you must treat them like fundamental courses. You can select anytime during the week to finish your task; it does not mean you put it off. You should remember that you are paying for this class just like on campus. It is noticed that students take help from online essay writing services in order to complete their assignments/tasks, so the drawback is that it will limit students learning.  It will be a good start for you if you treat it like a face-to-face class, and it will be beneficial if you follow it thoroughly.

Make time management a habit

The critical way to organize your study is to manage your time; it also depends on learning behaviour, schedule, and personality. Always make notes of your assignment, and it is better to mark it on a calendar so that you can remember it. The best way to manage your time is to schedule weekly for specific tasks such as reading, watching lectures, preparing assignments, and participating in forums. Set reminders for your online course as a weekly routine to complete the job. This is one of the important ways to organize your study plan to keep yourself stay motivated and focused.

Establish a Study area

It is essential to establish a separate study area to stay organized. However, the study area must have a good internet connection, books, materials, and headphones for listening to lectures or discussions.

Avoid Distractions

Taking online classes more organized way is essential to have an environment free of disturbance. The study area/place should be quiet. It will help if you remember not to use social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. These apps could divert your focus on learning.

Utilize your network

Sometimes you feel that online classes are like learning by yourself, but it is not valid. The structure of most online courses is like a collaboration between students and Professors/instructors, encouraging students to do specific tasks such as assignment preparation and lesson discussion. However, virtual study groups are also beneficial for students to discuss their study matters there.

Take Breaks

Sitting in one place in front of a computer for an extended period is quite hectic and makes you tired. So, taking a break during online learning is better as walking outside can strengthen your energy. Take a 30-minute break in the middle of a five-hour study session to allow your brain a chance to process and unwind.

Maintain Files

Organize/maintain digital files/ notes in a folder to keep your data safe and secure. Some students take prints of notes; it is also a safe option. But for the digital files, make a folder weekly and try to save digital files by name so that later you can understand them easily.

Participate in Q & A session

Actively participating in asking questions and engaging yourself with other colleagues/classmates can help you to understand a better way online course material. This participation includes commenting on a class fellow’s paper/assignment, asking questions, and having onboard discussions. If you do not understand the topic well, you can ask your professor to assist you. Sometimes it happens that even after asking questions cannot clarify your query so that you can send an email to your professor for clarification. 

The advantages and disadvantages of online classes are discussed below:

Advantages of online classes/education

Online classes don’t need any schedule, such as your classroom and the teacher/instructor are available (theoretically) 24/7. You can discuss with your classmates about your assignment, ask questions, practice quizzes, access material/notes, and study anytime. Some students feel hesitant to ask questions in a class, so it will be easy for the students to ask questions individually just by sending an email. I think it will increase your learning ability. Online classes benefit learning opportunities in your comfort zone, such as in your home. Teachers teaching online don’t need classroom, student materials, and other writing utensils, which leads to reduced costs. For the students, it is also economical, like they can choose an affordable course. You could have more opportunities to interact with people globally through live streaming or webinars.

Disadvantages of online classes/education

The biggest drawback of online education/classes is that you must have time-management skills; if you fail to manage your time, then you seem to be under the massive burden of coursework, assignments, quizzes, and other tasks. It means that you should be disciplined and self-motivated to complete the job timely. Because online education/classes don’t have a proper schedule and it gives you freedom, sometimes this freedom is dangerous if you don’t know how to handle it. Only students are responsible for learning if students are not willing to study instructor/teacher cannot force them to learn. Moreover, sometimes you have to face technology failures such as poor internet connection, etc.  

Sometimes students feel lonely as their companion is only the computer. Initially, it becomes difficult for the students who are not used to it, and they can remove their loneliness by emailing a classmate or instructor to stay connected. 

Another drawback is that online education/ classes are not very useful for research students as they have to perform experiments on campus.


Nowadays, we live in an era of technology, so we cannot deny the importance or advantages of online education/classes for many reasons, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we cannot ignore the importance of the on-campus/ traditional class system; so, in our point of view, we can be utilized/take advantage of both online and offline classes.

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