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Marine Collagen: What Is It?

Marine Collagen

If you love taking care of your skin and use daily skincare products, you must be familiar with this term. Collagen is a type of protein that plays a very vital role in keeping our skin young and beautiful. Marine collagen is nothing but a type of collagen obtained from marine life.

Collagen is used and ingested in various ways. It is used in skincare products, skin tightening creams, anti-aging serums, etc. It is ingested in the form of pills, powder, etc. As a type of supplement for the betterment of our skin and body.

In this article, you will get to know what marine collagen is. But before we start talking about marine collagen, you must have sufficient knowledge about collagen. 

If you are introduced to this term for the first time and have no idea about it, you are at the right place. You might have some questions about it. What is collagen? Is it already present in our bodies? What is the role of collagen in our bodies? And how does it benefit our skin and body?

Let’s try and answer all these questions one by one.

What is collagen?

In simple words, collagen is found almost everywhere in the human body. It is present in our skin, muscles, and bones.

Biologically speaking, it is the main structural protein that is present in our skin and tissues. Like glue, it is a substance that binds all the parts of our body together. It maintains the structure of our body and gives it strength.

Collagen is a vital protein. Certain types of collagen fibers are even stronger than metals like steel. It is truly surprising, to find such wonders inside a human body. Makes us question our strength!

When we are young, collagen is present in our bodies abundantly. That is why young people have tight and tender skin as compared to old people. As we grow up, the amount of collagen presents in our bodies decreases, and hence our skin becomes loose and wrinkly. 

The production of collagen in our bodies is also affected by factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and Ultraviolet rays.

This is a type of fibrous protein which is hard and insoluble. It takes up one-third part of the total amount of protein present in the human body. They are really strong and flexible.

According to biologists, there are sixteen different types of collagen present in our bodies. All of them have different structures and roles to perform in the human body. They give our skin the elasticity it has. 

Now you have got enough information about collagen and its role in our bodies. If you want to know more about it, you are free to do your research on collagen protein. 

But if you want to know about marine collagen, keep reading. Now we will try and understand what marine collagen is, what are its benefits and how it is different from the collagen protein already present in our bodies.

What is marine collagen?

There are two categories of collagen protein. Endogenous and exogenous. 

Endogenous collagen is the collagen protein naturally found in our bodies. It is natural and is synthesized in our bodies.

On the other hand, exogenous collagen protein is synthetic. It is not present naturally in our bodies. Exogenous collagen is either ingested as supplements or is injected into our bodies in the form of skincare products.

Marine collagen is a type of exogenous collagen protein. As the name suggests, marine collagen is obtained from marine life i.e. fishes. To be specific, the collagen extracted from the skin, scales, and bones of fish is marine collagen.

Generally, it is found in form of powder, liquid, or pills. These pills and powder are usually tasteless. It is synthetic and is usually taken in the form of supplements or used in cosmetics and skincare products. Usually, these products use collagen from pig and cow skins, but some also use marine collagen.

Marine collagen constitutes 18 different types of amino acids which are good for human health and metabolism.

Generally, marine collagen is extracted by the method of hydrolysis. Thus, it is also known as collagen peptides or hydrolyzed marine collagen. This type of marine collagen is the best since it is easier to digest and absorb as compared to other types of marine collagen.

Now you know everything about collagen. What it is, where it comes from and how it is extracted from the marine life. So let us go one step further and see what are the benefits of consuming marine collagen.

Benefits of marine collagen

Collagen or not, we all know how fish oils and seafood nourish our hairs and skin. Fish oil makes our hair smooth and silky. It also makes our skin glow. So marine collagen must also be having such benefits.

If this is what you are thinking, you are right! Just like fish oils and seafood, marine collagen also helps in the nourishment and healing of damaged hairs and dry skin.

The collagen improves the elasticity of the skin and lessens fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face due to aging or stress. It helps in the renewal of our skin cells and repairs them to make our skin look younger and clean.

Marine also improves hair growth and makes our hair look healthier and voluminous. It helps in repairing skin follicles and makes our hair stronger and thicker. It also lessens hair fall by making sure that our hairs stay locked in a place.

The collagen also strengthens our bones. It improves the functioning of our joints and muscles. It is also quite helpful in treating patients with arthritis. It helps in lessening the pain in joints and muscles. Thus, healing arthritis patients.

Hence, marine has many reasons and benefits to be consumed regularly. Especially, if you feel like you have been aging quickly and want to do something about it. Marine collagen is your key to youth!

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