Live Streaming Events: Tips, Tools and Benefits

Live streaming Events

Live streaming Events are the process of streaming content in the form of videos on the internet in real-time. However, unlike other virtual events, live streaming events are easy to host. The concept of live streaming had been in use even in the pre-pandemic era.

Organizations and Businesses around the world have been using this format for hosting Corporate Live Streaming Events. These events have a minimum requirement; you only need an efficient live streaming platform, stable internet connection, and suitable equipment, and you are good to go. The option of conducting live streaming comes as a beneficial alternative for in-person events.

kinds of events that you can stream live

Following are a few examples: 

  • Webinars
  • Virtual Events
  • Seminars
  • Convocation Ceremony
  • Music Fests
  • Training Workshops

Though there are several reasons organizations prefer to conduct live streaming events, the most prominent of them is with live streaming, the organizers get to increase the audience engagement rates and expand their brand reach of Live Streaming Events. 

What Are Some Benefits of Hosting Live Streaming Events? 

Following listed are the advantages of hosting live streaming events-

  1. Higher Audience Attendance: The first and the foremost advantage that the live streaming events come with is they are beyond any limitation that any in-person event would come with. With live streaming events, the organizers get the opportunity to expand their target audience sphere by taping audiences from all corners of the world. Live streaming events, and all the virtual events in general, enable the organizers to expand their reach without worrying about any geographical barriers and confinements. 
  2. Higher Audience Engagement Rates: Another advantage that live streaming provides over other web events is that social media channels automatically prioritize live streaming videos over other types of content. This feature enables the hosts to get higher audience engagement rates and expand their brand’s reach. However, to make sure the audience reach increases on the live streaming, the hosts need to ensure that they deliver unique content. 
  3. Live Streaming Content is Real: Gone are days when people got captivated by filters. People these days like to stay away from refinements and see the reality. That’s where the next advantage of live streaming lies; they are raw and unfiltered. The content organizers deliver through live streaming events is real-time content that comes without any filtering and processing. It enables the host to get real-time engagement on their live streaming. 
  4. Live Streaming is an Affordable Option: Let us jump to the next benefit; hosting a live stream is generally cheaper and affordable compared to other web events. Not only this, some platforms like the social media channels allow the organizers to stream their content live free of cost. It comes as a great advantage for small firms and individuals who wish to expand their audience reach. 
  5. It is not Over-Crowded: Though the concept of live streaming has been in use long before the pandemic, it is still not that popular among the masses. The organizers can make use of this benefit and deliver their content live. Since the concept is new to many people, there are fair chances they will have a higher audience engagement rate for Live streaming Events. 

What are the tips for hosting a live streaming event?

Let us have a look at some expert tips to host a live streaming event: 

  • Keep Everything Minimal: Experts suggest organizers avoid adding too many tools, and keep the live streaming as minimal as they can. Having an overly-done event will distract the audience from the content. 
  • Have a Back-Up Plan: It doesn’t matter how professional you are at hosting live streaming events; always play it safe by keeping a backup plan ready. See, the thing is, emergencies come uninvited. Hence, having a Plan B will save you from getting embarrassed in front of your attendees and guests. 
  • Practice: The importance of practice and rehearsing doesn’t need to be emphasized. It is always advisable to have enough rehearsal sessions before any big event; it will help you get an idea of many things. Hence, perform a dry run before your main event. 
  • Make Sure Everything is Working Fine: Right from your live streaming platform to your audio and video quality, check everything once and ensure they are in the best of the states. 
  • Engage the Audience: There is a common myth regarding virtual events; that online events don’t have enough audience engagement tools. However, this is not true. There are several tools that the organizers can use to increase audience engagement on their platforms. Use audience engagement tools to keep the attendees hooked to their screens during your live stream. 
  • Pick an Expert Live Streaming Platform: Don’t compromise with the quality of your live streaming platform and select the one that is highly efficient. The entire success of your live stream event depends on the streaming solution; hence, play it wise by getting your hands on the best option available in your reach. 
  • Ensure the Internet is Stable: Before going live, make sure your internet is working properly. We would suggest you use a LAN instead of Wi-Fi. 
  • When Committed a Mistake, Maintain Your Calm: Since it is a live event, there are no chances of retakes; Hence, avoid committing mistakes. But we also understand it is human to make mistakes. So, even if you have made mistakes, handle them humorously; It will impress your audience. 

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What Are Some of the Best Live Streaming Platforms? 

Here are some of the most efficient live streaming platforms: 

  1. Dreamcast: Dreamcast is a highly reliable and trustworthy platform when it comes to hosting live streaming events. This expert virtual event solution comes with customizable features which let the organizers design their live streaming their way. The most prominent feature of this platform is that the organizers can host 360-degree live streaming. Not only this, Dreamcast provides several audience engagement and networking tools.
  2. Dacast: Dacast lets the organizers deliver an engaging live streaming experience to the audience irrespective of its scale. It is a highly secure, authentic, and well-designed platform with several audience engagement features. With its real-time analytics, it lets the streamers get an insight into the audience engagement data and measure the success of their event. 
  3. YouTube Live: YouTube Live is a well-known live streaming platform that allows streamers to stream their content life and interact with the audience for years. One can access the platform through mobile phones, laptops, PCs, and even an encoder. This prominent platform comes with well-planned features that make it easier for the streaming hosts to get an enriching live streaming experience. 
  4. Vimeo: This live streaming service lets the organizers conduct unlimited events and has limitless storage capacity. Vimeo is a budget-friendly platform designed in a user-friendly manner. The platform keeps the convenience of the attendees as its utmost priority, and it comes with several features which make it evident. Along with this, Vimeo comes with efficient 24/7 customer support, enabling the organizers to get their queries sorted anytime. 


We hope you found the blog insightful and informative about Live streaming Events. Host your live-streaming event today and increase your brand recognition multiple times. 

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