30+ Trending Types of Food List to Eat (August 2021) During Covid19

Food is such a substance without which life on earth is not possible because it is a very important part of every living being. There will be no wrong opinion that we should not waste our food rather than we should respect it. If I explain in other words then it is very important to know how we get types of food List. We get food from nature, Whether it is a vegetable or a favorite fruit. These all things are found due to the nature of the earth.

The human diet does not have to be restricted to one type of food. To stay healthy, active, and productive, the human body requires a variety the five nutrients: protein, carbohydrate fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fat. First, protein is necessary to build, maintain and restore blood, muscles, bones, skin, and other organs.


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Types of Evergreen food Items

There are multiple kinds of person cast and culture who eat different types of food and also depends on own taste.

Name Example
Healthy food Apples, Blueberries, Eggs, Meats, Nuts, and seeds
Diet food milk, yogurt, cheese
Finger food puff pastries, some veggies, crackers, and bread
Fresh food vegetables and legumes or beans
Frozen food breasts, mince, fish, and ready meals
Functional food kiwi, pears, broccoli, Brazil nuts & almonds
Live food fish, poultry, and whole grains
Medical food Asparagus, broccoli, carrots corn, kale & spinach
Natural food Bananas, coconut, papaya & Apples
Negative-calorie food Celery, Tomatoes, watermelon & Carrots
Organic food Fresh produce, meats, and dairy products
Seasonal food Pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, Lettuce
Traditional food Misal Pav,Dhokla, Pongal, Makki Di Roti
Taste perception Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, hot/spicy and astringent
adulterated food pulses, coffee, tea, confectionery, baking powder
Sweet Mango Dessert, Burmese Dessert, Kaju, Chocolate
Sour Tamarind, Rhubarb, Tart cherries, Gooseberries
Salty Pasta Sauce, Tortilla Chips, Lunch Meats
Right to food The right to food is a human right

Important of foods in our life

As I told you in the beginning, food is the basis of living life, without it, life is not possible. Food is an essential part of life that keeps your bones stronger and grows your health. It provides the nutrients and energy we need to be healthy and active, move, play, work and think, and grow

  1. It develops your mental and physical power of the body
  2. Keep you energetic full of day
  3. Our bodies and our mental health are directly affected by them.
  4. It helps to maintain good body weight as well fighting against diseases

Advantages and Disadvantages of foods

The advantage of Food preservation has so many benefits because it keeps you fit, healthy, and sharper as well as helps to boost your energy power. Preserved food is safe to eat because germs cannot grow in it. You can enjoy seasonal types of food List & fruits such as strawberries and mangoes in the off-season by preserving them.

Disadvantages of food preservation: Excess salt and sugar are used in the preservation of food which is not good for health. Some methods of food preservation may lead to the loss of nutrients.

Note: If you do not use the food properly, then the risk of getting a big disease from it remains mostly. Therefore, it is very important to take care of food along with healthy.


Food whether it is of any country or culture should not be wasted because food is an important component of living one’s life.

That is how you can find out types of food List and it’s important. I hope the above information that you have read out would have been useful for you. If you think, you know more kinds of food you may comment on me in the comment box. Share the post with your friends on social media too.