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IPads and iPhones are widely used in the education sector today and has only increased with the introduction of blended Kiosk education. Furthermore, Apple is releasing applications that are frequently user-friendly to study.

Therefore, more schools, colleges, and universities have started taking advantage of mobile technology in classrooms. With the help of iPads, the learning experience has been significantly improving and a collaborative learning approach has been created for students by schools, colleges, and universities regardless of time and location.

In addition to the advantages that technology offers, there are many disadvantages. Students and the teaching staff may misuse Iphones and Ipads for various other purposes apart from educational purposes. Therefore, educational institutions may lose out on their objective of learning. Therefore, to avoid these risks, educational institutions must put the devices in the iOS kiosk mode so that only the apps required for learning can be accessed.

Benefits of the kiosk mode in educational institutions

iPads in classrooms allow blended learning and have revolutionized learning. The important benefits of the iOS kiosk mode in educational institutions are as follows:

  • Empowers teachers and helps students focus

When students use iPads in the classroom, it is important to make sure students do not lose their focus. It is essential to ensure that teachers and educational instructors can decide the educational applications, e-books, or websites that are available and can be accessed by the students on the devices. Controlling the list of content that is accessible is a useful tool for teachers to engage the students interestingly and impose restrictions on other content that is unnecessary and leads to distractions. With the help of the Andriod kiosk mode, IT admins or teachers can remotely access student device screens to monitor student activity effectively and give real-time support.

  • Manage students and staff

All devices owned by schools and provided to students and staff can be managed, controlled, and organized from a central web-based console. The apps, content, remote location tracking, virtual fencing of devices, implementation of security features, are controlled centrally by the IT admins. Locking the Ipads with iOS kiosk mode means converting iPads to the kiosk, single app or multi-app mode according to the needs of the school.

  • Centralized content repository

In educational institutions, content is very important because it should be uploaded regularly and sent to the students and teachers.

  • Improved collaboration between students and teachers

Devices can be categorized based on the different grades the students belong to. Therefore, teachers can manage all student activities and effectively collaborate.

  • Securing the data of the students

The data of the students including their test scores, project work, will be secured as security and safety is the main concern for the schools and that can be achieved only by the correct MDM solution.

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Teachers and IT admins can handle all the tablets and smartphones that are used for learning from the central Kiosk education. From the central web console, IT admins can install settings and apps on the device remotely. This creates a comprehensive solution for handling all devices that are owned by schools and make learning very interactive and innovative.



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