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3 Things to Do Everyday to Keep Your Heart Healthy – Quality Sleep, Sitting & Healthy Fats


The heart is the most important organ out of all as it supplies blood to the whole body. And it is very important for every individual to keep a check on their heart health. We know that exercise does play an important role but with that, there are other steps that you can take in order to keep the heart pumping.

For the efficient working of the heart, there are several steps that everyone should follow. 

According to the best heart doctor in Karachi, there are no set rules to follow in order to keep the heart healthy but, there are a few habits if one switch can make a huge difference. Diet does play an important role along with the food options that you opt for. Let’s dive right into the habits that you need to incorporate in your daily life that can put a positive impact on your heart health along with improving the function of other organs present in the body. 

These include;

Quality Sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in keeping the heart function healthy. It is known to very few people that the lesser you sleep there are more chances of you getting a heart attack. According to old research, people who sleep for less than 6 hours a day are very much likely to get cardiovascular diseases. If you compare them with the ones that take at least 8 hours of sleep every day, it can be seen that the risk of getting a heart stroke and a heart attack are twice in the people who don’t sleep good enough. 

It is said that the lesser you sleep the more there are chances of you affecting your blood pressure and causing inflammation. 

Go for Healthy Fats

There is always a need for fat in the food that we consume. It can include both saturated and polyunsaturated fats. There is one fat that is not really needed in the body called trans fats. This fat is known to increase heart diseases. People who stay indulged in consuming the translated fats are very much likely to get a heart stroke and a heart attack.

The reason behind this is that trans fats are meant to clog your arteries pretty bad. This can then increase the level of the bad cholesterol levels and ultimately this lowers the good cholesterol levels. You may ask now what are trans fats? These are the fats that are present in processed goods including bakery items, margarine, snack foods, and even in the flavors and the textures of different food items. 

It is very important to read the labels of the products before you buy them especially when you are over 40 years of age, it gets very important for you to consume the foods that are good for your health and heart. 

Sitting for long hours

It is said that if a person sits for longer periods of time and doesn’t do any exercise it affects the heart pretty bad. The amount of exercise if one puts in after sitting for hours is nothing compared to the exercise done by a man who doesn’t sit for that longer periods. It is indeed very bad news for the people who sit for 9 hours at their jobs. 

Ther is also on a piece of information that really opens up the eyes. It is that when you sit for long periods during traveling there are higher chances that you will develop several blood clots. So it is very important to keep on moving throughout the day. The best practice is to park the cars away from the office and to walk to the cars when you need to leave the office and go home. Get to know also for Group Health Insurance Alternatives.


It is very important to pay focus on your habits in order to keep your heart health healthy. The above-mentioned habits are the ones that you need to adopt. But do avoid the ones that hurt your heart in a negative manner like smoking excessively and drinking alcohol. There is no such thing as less bad. Bad is bad how small or big it is. So try and opt for the habits that can make you batter from the inside and can benefit your health in a positive manner. 

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