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Interlock Device

Installing an ignition interlock device on your car is comparable to installing a breathalyzer to keep you from drinking and driving. You must take a breathalyzer test before you may use this gadget.

The IID installation of a sobriety device may be necessary if you are driving under the influence (DUI). To assist you in getting back on the road as fast as possible, Alcoalertinterlock has installation offices around the United States topromptly and inexpensively install your interlock system.

We’re Local; we have better products, the best price, and service.

Installation and Repair in Your Area

Out-of-state ID suppliers don’t cause delays. As far as interlock services go, they’re all handled by our local technicians. Getting a new gadget from the manufacturer to a nearby subcontractor is never an issue. Additional subcontractor costs will not be charged to you.

Improved Technology

The AT 588 uses electrochemical fuel cells and is alcohol-specific. Incorrect failures will not be recorded against your name, which might harm your reputation in state courts. Paying for “reboots” due to false failures from other environmental toxins will save you time, money, and annoyance. An alcohol-specific gadget is available.


The lowest pricing is guaranteed. Up to the installation time, we will match or better any competitor’s price. Make an appointment, then go shopping. A qualified ignition interlock provider providing a lower price? We will match or beat it.


When you need to be able to rely on your car, local servicing is essential. Every month, the IID supplier does not demand a return shipment of a device. Backup interlock units are always on hand in case the primary team fails.

How much does an ignition interlock device cost in total?

The overall cost of an IID installation varies according to the circumstances of a person’s DUI offense and the supplier of the device.

However, the typical price of the item is between $70 and $100.

The company selling the gadget may also tack on installation fees. Install an ignition interlock ranges typically from $75 to $100. Most companies, however, provide a professional installation.Calibration and maintenance expenses may also be incurred every month.

According to the severity of the driver’s prior DUI offenses, an individual will be required to utilize an IID for different lengths of time. A first-time DUI offender, for example, will often be necessary to use the device for six months. A 12- to 48-month IID mandate for repeat DUI offenders is possible.

Depending on this price range, an ignition interlock device might cost a few hundred bucks to several thousand dollars.

California’s pilot program statute (Vehicle Code 23700 VC) mandates that persons who cannot afford the required IID will get financial aid and only be compelled to pay a fraction of the cost.

Final Words

Car breathalyzers, commonly known as ignition interlock devices or IIDs, cost between $70-and $100 a month in California. An IID installation must be worn for four months if a person is charged with DUI but is found not guilty by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Six months is the typical time that first-time DUI offenders may be forced to have an IID in their vehicle after their conviction.

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