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Instagram is the leading social media platform that is used to post pictures, videos, blogs, and other useful content. Where it has also become one of the main earning sources for most of the people who are enjoying a huge follower’s list for the Instagram Reels Downloader App

Reels on Instagram are of 60 seconds or more. These reels provide entertainment as well as information depending on the content. However, that can only be seen if a user is connected to the wifi or you can watch it on an Instagram page. This platform doesn’t allow you to download videos or images on the device. 

However, many of you including me are always looking for ways to download the Instagram videos, images, and reels for later watch. One way is to “save” content on Instagram for later use but to download on your own device/gadget, you need the help of an efficient tool. If you are struggling to find the solution to download reels, here is the solution to your problem.



reel downloader


A feature-enriched Instagram reel downloader that works for both iOS and Android. Moreover, this amazing tool not only downloads reels but also pictures and other posts. It also works as a repost app that allows the reposting of Instagram Reels Downloader App content by just adding a URL in the repost bar. So, you don’t need to go into a tiring and lengthy process – just add a link to the search bar and it will help you in the fast and quick downloading. It is a free and easy-to-use tool with a user-friendly interface. It also gives you the option to review the content offline. Additionally, it comes with the option to turn on the dark mode which gives relaxation to the eyes.

2- Heatfeed

Another easy-to-handle app that lets you perform a task in one click. It allows you to download not only  IGTV and videos but also the latest eater of reels. This efficient Instagram reel downloader maintains the quality of the video while downloading. It is not only give you the services for Instagram but also for the vines. This can copy the tags too and automatically save the picture in the gallery. There is supported on both iOS and Android operating systems. 

3-  Reels Saver App

Reels saver app allows the easy, faster, and efficient Instagram reels downloading. With easy-to-follow steps, you can quickly download any video/reel on your phone. To get started with Reel saver, you need to download the app from the app/play store. Set the preferences to allow the app to access Instagram.

Way To Download Instagram Reels Audio

To download audio from reels video you must copy the link to the video. After that, paste the link into the an input box on any website or downloader app like Instagram after which you click download. The reel will be converted, and is available for download in mp3 format only.

Additionally, you can download instagram reels, igtv, and videos as MP3 online making use of our Instagram to MP3 converter.

To download any Instagram reel, follow these steps 

  • Open the reel you want to download. Click on three dots at the right bottom side of the video. Copy the link by clicking on it.
  • Pasted the copied link in the bar located in the app.
  • Click the “Download” button and your favorite reel will be downloaded on your device.
  1. Open your Instagram App.
  2. Click the Reels video that you want to download.
  3. Click Three dots : at the bottom of video, find Copy Link button.
  4. Hit on Copy Link button and the video url/link has been copied.

Way to Download Instagram Private Reels Video?

It is easy to download Reels videos is basic process however, when it comes to downloading private Instagram reels, this can be a somewhat difficult. Instagram doesn’t permit everyone access to private reels, videos or photos which is why instavideosave cannot be used to download or extract private reels video.


Hope this article has helped you to know about the apps that are used nowadays to download Instagram reels. By following these easy steps you can enjoy your favorite content or reel while being offline. Along with these apps, you can also use the option of screen recording from the phone or can Instagram Reels Downloader App the screen recording. It also helps you out to save the reel and enjoy it later. For further concerns, drop your query below.

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