Immortal SMP And About Minecraft Servers

Immortal SMP

Immortal SMP(Survival Multiplayer) lets the players enjoy the fun and excitement of the Minecraft survival game. This allows you to play the game as a community. What SMP servers offer the player in the game is exploring the world and helping in forming towns together. SMP servers closely resemble vanilla survival, have very few plugins, and give great entertainment with a good community feel.

Minecraft servers are either business-owned or player-owned platforms that allow players to share a Minecraft world to connect and play together. The main aim of the game is to give the players excitement, fun, entertainment, and a safe environment to play the games. The games come in different shapes and sizes.

Minecraft immortal SMP server operators have the control and access to the server commands to manage the game and can also set the time for the different features of the game like set the world spawn, teleport players, and set the time of day.

Minecraft players can join any of the available public Minecraft SMP servers. 

How to join a Minecraft immortal SMP server?

  1. Open the Minecraft application.
  2. Open the Minecraft multiplayer menu.
  3. Select the “Add Server” button.
  4. Enter the name “SMP server”.
  5. Enter the server IP address:
  6. Hit the Done button.
  7. Join the server by double-clicking the listing.

The Minecraft servers list includes the following servers:

  • Survival Servers
  • Parkour Servers
  • Skyblock Servers
  • Prison Servers
  • Anarchy servers

Skyblock Servers

Skyblock is one of the most popular maps in Minecraft. In this, the players spawn on an island high up in the sky and you need to face a lot of challenges to progress in the game and the resources are limited. Some of the best Minecraft skyblock servers are:

  • Hypixel

This is the most popular Minecraft server with different game modes and mini-games. It is easily accessible and there are thousands of players playing daily.

  • Advancius Network

This is a friendly server with less population and welcomes players irrespective of game experience or skill. The server contains a variety of mini-games like BuildBattle, Hide and Seek, The Maze, etc., and many game modes. There is also a rank system integrated into the server.

  • Foxcraft

These are the oldest online servers running since 2011. There are tons of different game modes, one of which is Skyblock. It also showcases custom features. Here players spawn on one block and keep mining to reveal to get a different block made of stones, wood, or leaves.

  • OPBlocks

OPBlocks are primarily role-playing video game-themed Minecraft server, it also has two game modes, survival and the belle of the ball, Skyblock.

The best Minecraft Anarchy server is the following:

Anarchy server allows the players to do whatever they want, there are no rules and regulations. Players can do hacking, free to scam each other, and use built-in cheats in certain cases. 

  • 2b2t

This is the king of the servers, with zero rules and humorously described as the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. This is a must-try server for the players to get the effect of the intense world of pure anarchy servers. The only drawback of the server is the long queue times due to its success and popularity among players.

  • MC Prison

It is not a typical anarchy server instead it is an inspired Minecraft prison server. It draws in the mechanics of standard anarchy mode and builds upon it. There are no hacked clients and there are a few basic rules to be followed.

  • Minewind

This server has several interesting twists and primarily focuses on vanilla survival mode. What differentiates this server from other servers is that it offers unique items with custom enhancements and also provides the ability to teleport and set homes.

  • Purity Vanilla

Purity vanilla server supports the most recent gameplay mechanisms and implementations. The version of Minecraft in purity vanilla is 1.16. 

  • 9b9t

This is an alternative to the 2b2t anarchy server and for players who do not want to wait for the long queues caused by the recent popularity surge of 2b2t. 

How to play Minecraft multiplayer

Minecraft games can be played as a single-player or a multiplayer. When playing the Minecraft game the version of the player and the server should be the same, whether the game is played on a LAN or hosted online. The version of the game is displayed at the bottom of the menu.

Playing the game on LAN(Local Area Network)

To play the game on LAN, you need to have a host computer that is powerful to run the game and acts as a server for others to play the game. It is a great option to play Minecraft with friends when all connected to the same network.

  1. Open Minecraft on your computer.
  2. Click on ‘Single player’.
  3. Create a new or open an existing world.
  4. Press ‘Esc’ to go to the main menu.
  5. Select ‘Open to LAN’ and select the game mode and enable or disable ‘Allow cheats’.
  6. Select ‘’Start LAN World’.The other players can join this network to play the game from their devices.
  7. Select ‘Multiplayer’ on the menu.
  8. The game will scan for an existing world.
  9. If a LAN world has been created, the game will display the ‘LAN World’, with the world name and the creator’s username.
  10. Double click to join or create a new world and start playing Immortal SMP. 

Playing the game on an online server

To play the game on an online server, you can either download the server file from to set up your server or connect to another person’s server. Make sure that the versions of Minecraft are the same.

Connecting to another person’s server

  1. Launch the ‘Minecraft application, and select ‘Multiplayer’ on the main menu.
  2. Click ‘Add Server’ and enter the IP or the web address of the server.

Note: If you do not know the IP address, you can search to find the server that suits your style of play.

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