How to spy on someone’s Whatsapp without letting them know?

How to spy on someone's Whatsapp

Whatsapp has quickly gained popularity among a vast range of users. This chatting application offers numerous features that allow users to send audio, video, messages, documents, and other files.

On this platform, most users exchange personal information with one another. So your interest grows, and it’s no surprise that you begin to question How to spy on someone’s Whatsapp without letting them know?

It might be your children who are in danger and have made contact with dangerous individuals. One of your employees may be selling firm secrets. You may be having relationship problems with your lover. You can keep track of them all by looking at their WhatsApp activities. 

Why should you spy on someone’s Whatsapp without letting them know?

The majority of people are concerned about the safety and privacy of their loved ones. As a result, the thought “should I spy on their Whatsapp activity” naturally emerges in your mind. You may feel bad for doing so, but that is natural.

  • Protecting your child on the internet

As a parent, your responsibility toward a child is to protect them, to ensure whether they are safe or not. Kids might be threatened online and are terrified to tell their parents.

It is therefore essential to monitor your children’s online activity. You must know how to protect kids from cyberbullying and harassment if it occurs.

  • The integrity of your relationship

The undeniable reality is that distrust, misunderstanding, and suspicion are the root causes of interpersonal issues among partners. As a result, you can use monitoring software like MobileSpy to determine whether or not your partner is being truthful in the relationship.

  • Keeping your company’s secrets safe

It’s dangerous if one of your employees may be selling firm secrets. Therefore monitoring employee activities and devices is crucial to catch them.

Reading WhatsApp messages free using the Spy application

MobileSpy is the most effective and stress-free solution to keep track of someone’s WhatsApp activity. The installation and setup of this program do not need any technical capabilities. Spying on someone’s Whatsapp messages without their phone is difficult. Thankfully, with MobileSpy, anything is possible.

MobileSpy comes from a trusted company and is used by millions of people worldwide. The most appealing aspect of MobileSpy is using the latest technology that offers the highest security level. Therefore, We advise you to use MobileSpy before choosing any spy application.



MobileSpy Features

Some of the most important features you will get after choosing MobileSpy applications for monitoring WhatsApp activity are:

  • Whatsapp spy

It can track both the sent and received WhatsApp messages and your target’s call details remotely. You can also track WhatsApp deleted messages from the control panel of MobileSpy.

  • Photo and Video Spy

You can see on WhatsApp images and videos stored on Whatsapp messages of the target remotely, and you can also download them for viewing later.

  • Social Media Spy

It allows tracking more social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

  • Calls and contact tracking

MobileSpy allows you to trace with whom the target is talking, and you can browse all the calls made by the target remotely.

How to spy on someone’s Whatsapp using MobileSpy?

Are you all set to monitor the target device remotely? Here is a simple guide on how to spy on someone’s Whatsapp.

  1. Go to the official website of MobileSpy and get registered yourself. After creating an account, you will get a login credential in your official email address.
  2. Install the MobileSpy application on your target device remotely.
  3. Then open your MobileSpy application using the login credentials.
  4. Search for the option Social media App-WhatsApp in the control panel on the left.
  5. After you open the WhatsApp window, you will get to all messages on the application.
  6. Now you can spy on someone’s WhatsApp without letting them know

In this way, you can conveniently track someone’s WhatsApp messages between two people along with multimedia files like audio and videos. The best part of this application is it works on a stealth mode.

Also, you can check details about with whom the conversation happened at what time. You can check their name, email address, contact details, and many more.

Using Whatsapp web to spy on someone’s Whatsapp messages

Users can access their WhatsApp account on their PC or Mac using WhatsApp web. It is an easy process to read someone’s message using WhatsApp web, but it does not work unless you access the target phone.

Follow some steps below to proceed:

  1. To begin, you must first access the target phone and press the setting button.
  2. Select Whatsapp Web/Desktop from the menu.
  3. Using any browser, search on your computer.
  4. It will now display a QR code. Scan the code with your target phone.
  5. Finally, you will get access to the WhatsApp account of the target.

Whatsapp web

Using Mac Spoofing Methods

This is the most popular and free method of cloning WhatsApp conversations without letting them know. Every mobile phone connected to the internet has a strange ID consisting of various numbers and letters separated by a hyphen, and it is known as a MAC address.

To spy on WhatsApp, create a clone in your phone, but make sure you get the same address as the victim’s phone.

Here are the steps listed below:

  1. First, uninstall the WhatsApp application from your phone.
  2. After that, access the target device and obtain the MAC address from their phone. Select the about phone option in the Android app’s settings, select the status option and seek a MAC address. Select the available option in the IOS application, then About phone, check for a Wifi MAC address.
  3. Using MAC spoofing software such as Wifispoof for iOS and BusyBox for Android, now change your MAC address and copy the target device’s MAC address on your device.
  4. Install WhatsApp again on your phone. Make sure you enter the phone number of the target device.
  5. An SMS will be sent with a verification code in the target phone. Please enter the code and delete it.
  6. In this way, you can log in to the target WhatsApp account.


As indicated above, there are several options to spy on someone’s Whatsapp without letting them know. So, before you blame your child, partner, or employee, double-check. When you have doubt and strong evidence against them, you can use a spy app such as MobileSpy to track them.


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