How to Manage Wikipedia Pages | 8 Tips to Manage Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia pages

Wikipedia pages is the world’s most influential and resourceful online digital encyclopedia. By means of the encyclopedia, it provides comprehensive knowledge and wisdom to readers. However, people trust Wikipedia due to its authentic source of information. Therefore, it delivers a reliable form of information to readers all around the world.

Significantly, most people blindly make believe in any informative article on Wikipedia. Hence, it shows the value and credibility of Wikipedia among the audience. Therefore, it gives them ease of hassles to visit libraries and gather notes from different book sources. Thus, Wikipedia saves your time and effort in doing extensive yet exhaustive research for your university thesis. The time has changed and raised the popularity and demand for Wikipedia among the public.

Above all, it has emerged from university students and ordinary individuals to reputed businesses. Now, many well-known enterprise-level companies find Wikipedia as their trustworthy source of content. They are willing to register to a Wikipedia account and create a new article to get it published in the featured section. It shows the SEO significance of Wikipedia. Google loves to crawl, rank, and index Wikipedia articles due to their high quality and original information. It brings more visitor traffic to the Wikipedia page and generates revenue for the organization.

Following are valuable techniques to maintain Wikipedia pages of your business:

Read Thoroughly Notability Guidelines of Wikipedia Pages

The term notability has a wider meaning in the context of the Wikipedia platform. You should clearly understand the complete definition of notability and meet the required criteria to manage Wikipedia pages. A business has to be notable means it should be well-known in the niche industry. There can be any reason for the fame or popularity of your business in the market. It can be famous due to its excellent quality products and exceptional services to customers. Wikipedia does not permit any stranger or unknown entity to register for an account. It goes for a complete verification check before allowing a business to sign up and create an article for submission.

Examine the Wikipedia Pages Credibility Sources

Credibility is another most important factor of Wikipedia pages. It shows your true sense of reliability and authenticity in the market. You need to cite your brand among various reputed websites to increase the popularity of your business. It builds your credibility among the customers and makes you famous in the niche relevant industry. After making your popularity, now is the right time to register for a Wikipedia pages account and write a unique article for your company.

Edit Your Wikipedia Pages Article

Editing is an integral part of the Wikipedia article. It allows volunteers to edit and re-edit your content till it comes out as perfect and immaculate for the audience. You can do minor and major edits to improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and preposition mistakes. Wikipedia text editor allows you to make several changes to your text as many times as you can before getting it published. Once, it gets published, you will not be able to make further changes to a Wikipedia article.

Publish Your Wikipedia Pages Content

After editing and proofreading, you can easily publish Wikipedia pages articles. You can rectify your writing blunders and preview the article first before hitting the publish button. Submit the publish button to post your content to the Wikipedia community.

Wait for Approval

Wikipedia takes enough time to approve and publish the content. The duration of time depends on the quality and standard of the article to meet the Wikipedia community requirements. Usually, it takes around three to six months to approve the article. You should have the patience and persistence to wait for long months to publish your article on Wikipedia pages.

Monitor and Maintain the Article

Wikipedia has a team of editors to keep their vigilance eyes on your piece of content. They constantly monitor your Wikipedia articles and update them according to new information. Editors show their complete responsibility for keeping the maintenance of Wikipedia articles. They review every single article thoroughly before getting it published and approved online. Editors can add more valuable information to your article and sometimes remove unnecessary paragraphs.

Avoid Promotional Advertising

Wikipedia strictly prohibits businesses to advertise or promote their brands in Wikipedia pages. They are not even allowed to share their website links with customers. Writing with a commercial intent goes against the policy of Wikipedia. Companies must create content from a neutral point of view.  Businesses can share their independent views on the topic but it should seem natural to the audience. Wikipedia also disallows companies to defame or violate ethical rules. It will expel your content from Wikipedia and you will not be able to publish your content forever.

Disclose Paid Editors

Most companies hire external editors from public relations agencies to manage Wikipedia pages. These paid editors should talk about and discuss their confidential services on the talk pages. Editors must disclose and reveal their costs and charges to the Wikipedia community before accepting an offer by someone. It allows them to settle down the conflict of interest and share their paid details with the volunteer community.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are worthwhile tactics to manage Wikipedia pages. Companies need to maintain and upgrade their Wikipedia pages to provide an accurate source of information to the target audience. It increases the worth of Wikipedia articles among the customers. The rising demand for Wikipedia makes it popular on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram pages. 


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