How to get followers on Instagram without following back?


Instagram plays an important role in outgrowing your content and business. It is a place for massive opportunity to dig upon. Almost everyone starting from content creator to business owner look for uplifting their work on this platform. Instagram has not remained just as a source for entertainment, there are about 8 million users, out of which 75% of the users are making a profit out it. In order to grow your followers organically and sophistically, we must keep a few things in mind. 

The proper method for having a good amount of followers on your Instagram account without following back is described as under:-

Creating base followers 

The first and foremost step for setting up a good impression on the Instagram algorithm is to create base followers including your known people. Once you create an account on Instagram it is very important to let your close and known people know about your account (the account you follow must have a good amount of followers of at least 500). This will help to create an authentic image of your account. Follow as many people with a bit of expectation to get followed back. Always try to keep track of who is following you back by turning on the notifications on your app.

Engaging followers 

Once the account gets set up, try to create engaging content as much as possible. Let people know about your content and what kind of interest your followers hold in your profile. Convey a precise message of your business in order to receive more followers through your available followers. Give a reason why people should follow you on Instagram. Tag your followers on your post and stories and request them to repost them on their profile (this is an initial process only with the known people). When you find there are chances of not getting followed back, send them a message requesting to follow you back. Always try to evaluate what your audience wants and present your post according to their likes.

Defining marketing goal 

After completing the first two steps, so as to ensure the originality of your account, here is where the actual step of growing your account starts without making an effort to follow back. As we know already there is a lot of businesses running on the Instagram platform. Therefore, it is very important to set a goal for your business even before you start it on the Instagram platform. Hence, you have to go through a thorough evaluation of the market structure of Instagram, like how your competitor is working, how advertising actually works, how to get access to new customers and sell them. Regardless of knowing the objective of your business, it is crucial how you define your marketing goal. This will help to keep you ahead in the Instagram likes platform.

Making the page discoverable and attractive 

Instagram is all about the visual display of pictures unlike other sources of media where written posts and links are given more importance. Thus, with millions of aesthetic profiles available on Instagram, it is essential for you that how your account can be more attractive and different from others. This is where the use of proper filters and caption works. You have to set up a proper theme for your account so as to maintain an equal distribution of facts about your business that might get catchy in the eyes of the viewers.

Though a theme plays a pivotal role in making your profile attractive, if it is not discoverable, all your efforts would go in vain. Thus, proper use of tags in your Bio is mandatory. Mention the niche of your business in the introduction of your profile in order to let people know about what kind of business you are running on the platform.

Use of well-researched hashtags 

People on Instagram are often found to follow hashtags before following a profile because when you follow a hashtag, this won’t get displayed on your following list. Prospective accounts are found while searching for hashtags. Therefore, to increase your followers on Instagram without following back, then there is a good trick to do so by using well-researched hashtags. Depending on your vocation, search for at least 25 relatable hashtags accordingly to your functioning of the business. It should be remembered that whatever hashtags you use must be relatable to your post. In order to make the reach of your post, always use hashtags on-trend and also by changing hashtags on an old post. This will help to make your account more discoverable when people with the same interest in your niche will follow the hashtags that you mention.

Managing your website  

The website for your business plays an important role in growing your account without following back. Adding a “ follow me on Instagram” gives a boost in the number of followers in your account. This trick may take some time to work, thus, it is important to mention your Instagram business account on another platform as well. A well-designed website is also responsible for growing your business. It is all about what we see. Therefore, in order to achieve more followers, you must have an inciting website for your business.


Follow the FLC loop 

Here FLC means follow, like, and comment. It is considered to be the most effective way of increasing followers on Instagram without following back if used in a proper way. First of all, create a list of people with similar interests to you. Find accounts using relevant hashtags and go through their profile. Find eight people that closely match your niche and whom you want to follow you back. Each of them must also have followers ranging from 500-to 1000. After getting confirmed of that verified account, follow them without expecting them to follow you back. This method helps you to find the material you require for growing your own profile. Find four out of eight profiles and search for three posts to comment upon. the comment must be genuine to show your profile authenticity. Try to repeat this step 2-3 times daily. This will help your profile to come under the notice of their followers. 

Mentioning prominent influencers and getting into collaborations 

This method takes a more targeted approach. Collect a list of your favorite influencers who are relevant to your audience, and follow their activity by keeping track of them. To know how relevant an influencer is with your niche, follow the type of post and hashtag they use that are similar to yours. If you have a post that is relevant to that influencer, then mention them in your caption. You can also mention them while commenting on others’ posts. When dealing with influencers, remember to engage in quality conversation which adds value to them.

In order to get followers on Instagram without following back, it is important to know the value of your audience. The larger your followers grow organically the more interested buyers you will get. Thus, for increasing followers effortlessly, get indulged in collaboration with people who have a larger account reach than yours. This will make your account get more discoverable on search engines. 

Never use easy and fast method for growing followers 

Following is the list to stay stick aside for genuine growth of your account :

  • Never use any app for growing followers because the Instagram algorithm will automatically detect the default in your account and spam it accordingly. An account of 10k fake followers will naturally deteriorate the authenticity of the account
  • Never use follow for following back method. This messes up with the algorithm of Instagram. It also creates a bad impression in the mind of people, resulting in them thinking of you as being unprofessional.
  • Never comment on any post saying “follow my page”. This creates utter chaos which may lead to spamming your account soon.

Post frequently and call for giveaways 

This is the most important point and hence I am mentioning this at last. You always have to be active for having a stable amount of growth in your account without even following back. Instagram pushes your account 20% to your first few accounts, the rest depends upon you how you communicate with your audience. Always make your audience feel that your posts are meant for them and they are of utmost importance for you. Make your profile more dedicated towards your followers irrespective of your interest. Call for polls and Q&A and respond to almost everyone. This should take a predetermined mind mapping so that your goals are achieved accordingly.

Call for contest and prize giveaways by mentioning the appropriate guidelines (as you think maybe) for increasing your followers. This is said to be another important way of boosting up your profile’s reach without having to follow back.


The above mentioned discussion provide a brief idea about how to get followers on Instagram without the need of following back. Try to use proper and relevant  hashtags, take help of collaboration, take help from influencers. Try not to use easy cut way for increasing your followers. Be active and post engaging pictures. Make your profile look more attractive and set up an eye-catching website as well. 

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