How to Find bookkeeping services Brisbane

If you are looking to hire a bookkeeper for your small business, it is important to select an individual who is trustworthy and can keep the financial information of your business confidential. An employee in this job needs to pay close attention to specifics, otherwise the financial picture of your business could be affected. You could employ a full-time bookeeping services Brisbane however, many small companies start with a contractor, and then they need an employee.

It is essential to write an attractive job descriptions to draw qualified applicants like Darcy Services Brisbane. To speed up the process you can make use of our Bookkeeper Job Description Template which you can alter in accordance with your company’s needs.

Running a Background Check

A lot of companies have the background screening policy that requires an investigation into the criminal history of any new hires. Although some states restrict the asking about previous convictions for criminals during an interview, however, you may still conduct a background check for employees after you have given an official job offer.

However, a bookkeeper isn’t an employee of the average. They are able to access your company’s financials, credit card accounts, along with bank accounts. Conducting a background check on the bookkeeper you want to employ can give you valuable details regarding their background as well as issues related to two of the most crucial qualities of a good bookkeeper: credibility and security of finances.

The background check conducted on an employee has to be relevant to the duties that the job requires. If you are a receptionist it is possible to conduct an easy background check. If you are a truck driver you can include a driver’s license background check. If you are the bookkeeper, I suggest that you include a background check.

Examining the background of a bookkeeper more thoroughly will reveal the extent to which they’ve experienced financial difficulties including huge credit card debt and tax liens or the issuance of judgments. This is crucial information that is directly related to the fundamental obligations of the position. The candidate should be asked to elaborate on the issues you’re concerned about within the report on background. The bookkeeper’s access to highly sensitive data about your company as well as your employees. It is your responsibility to safeguard your employees’ personal information by hiring an honest employee.

If you discover that a person’s background screening results disqualify their employment, you should consider what legal consequences. If you decide to hire someone that is based on the background screening results, this is considered to be an employment decision that is not in the best interest of the employee that is subject to anti-discrimination laws. In order to be legal it is necessary to base your decision on a non-discriminatory motive. Not disclosing liens with a significant amount or personal bankruptcies can be a valid and non-discriminatory motive if it is directly in relation with the description of your job.

How Much to Pay a Bookkeeper

You’ll have to decide beforehand what amount you’d like pay your bookkeeper. Including the information on your employment advertisement will help you draw the most qualified applicants. The amount you select will depend the location of your business and the level of experience you’re looking for as well as whether they’re employees or contractors and so on.

The salary for bookkeepers working full-time can range between $30,000 and $60,000 while in the case of freelancers the range is between $16/hour and $21/hour. Although these are pretty broad intervals, they are reduced depending on the industry you work in, the expertise of the bookkeeper, the specifics of your company, and the location of your business.

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