How to connect Canon Printer to Wireless Wifi?


With the advent of technological advancement, we come across many changes in our personal and professional life on a regular basis. For example, earlier we used to have long wires spread across the room to avail internet connection which is not the case nowadays. Today we can evident the benefits of wireless internet connections which are easily available to one and all. You can connect any device for that matter a PC, Mobile phone, Tablet, and even printer to these wireless networks easily. But sometimes people confront myriads of trouble while connecting these devices to the wireless connections. Suppose you are having a Canon printer and fail to connect it with a wireless router.


Under such circumstances you can follow the steps enumerated below that will guide you about how to connect to canon printer with a wireless connection:

  • Primarily Keep your printer and router in working Mode 

It is very essential that both your printer and wireless router are in active mode if they are sailing in off mode then turn them on. You cannot complete the process of Canon wireless printer setup if they are not turned on. 

  • Get done with the setting of wifi network on Canon Printer


Now the next task is to complete the wifi related setting on your printer which can be done with the following steps:

  1. After turning the printer into active mode you need to reach the setting on your Canon Printer.
  2. Make sure to select the device setting option reflected on the printer.
  3. Find Local Area Network (LAN) after clicking on the device setting.
  4. Once you click on LAN an automatic search for wireless connection will start.
  5. Recognize the name of your router from which you need to take the internet connection.
  6. Enter the password of your wifi network and get done with it.


*Settings—device setting—LAN-Select wifi network—entre wifi password

  • Make sure to put appropriate credentials like wifi Password 

If you connect to a Canon printer with a wireless network and it shows discrepancies then you might have entered wrong credentials like wife password while making up the entire setup. So it is very crucial to have an accurate password of your router connection while connecting it to the printer to avoid any issue.

  • Keep your PC, Printer, and Router in Synchronization

Sometimes people find it troublesome to print a leaflet from a printer when it is connected to a wireless network. The reason could be different sources of internet connection of PC and printer. It is crucial to use the same internet connection for a printer that is used for the PC in Canon printer wifi Setup. That is how you will be able to give print commands to your printer with the use of a wifi network.


If you are also finding problems in connecting Canon printer to wifi then aforesaid tips can better help you out in every way. You don’t have to ask for any help from your near and dear when you will follow the above steps for connecting a Canon printer to a wireless router connection. 


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